Monday, March 26, 2012

Tournament Wrap Up: Pre-Depticon Pics and Results!

Old School here with the Wrap up Report for this past weekend's Pre-Depticon tournament. This was a really great tourney and from a TO's perspective, a great group of players because they made my job super easy and gave me some time to snap some pics of the action, the eye candy and the absurd moments that happen in tournament play. Above is our Winner of the Player's Choice Award: Tau4eva's Blood Angels! This was a well-deserved Player's Choice award and he didn't do too badly with it, placing 4th overall! Let's take a look at the other players and awardees:

Like a chump, I didn't get photos of everyone, but I did get some great shots. Below are Pat's Orkz, or rather, half of them, set and ready for Stompin'

Pat also won the competition for Best Painted Single Model with the Warboss below.

The overall winner of the Tournament was the undefeated Pusbelly with his All Nurgle Mono-god daemons! As it turns out the missions (taken from last year's Adepticon Primer) all work pretty well for tough armies with lots of troops and this army had just that ... and yes, those are beasts of Nurgle in the winning list ;)

Second Place went to our own General Chaos, who took a Necron list that capitalized on massed firepower. The General took a mean beating to the Nurgle Daemons in the first round, but bounced back by fighting his way through two more missions, taking max objectives along the way!

Third Place went to Alex and his Necron Wraith and Barge list. Alex went undefeated for the first two rounds of the tournament and nearly toppled Pusbelly's Daemons in the final round. I do have to say that each game I saw Alex playing, his moves were decisive and surgical and even with a last round defeat, he was able to place!

Here is the WIP Soul Drinkers from our very own Sammy. This army should be complete and looking awesome come adepticon as it makes up one quarter of Team Death Star!

Another Lansing gamer who came out was Grandmaster Nigel, who's Death Wing is coming along. His army in this tourney combined Terminators with Veterans. I wish I would have taken pics of more of the armies, but I had lunch on the brain when I was looking over the armies, such is life! Here are some more pics from the battlefield, including a romantic moment between two machines!

Superior firepower will win the day in most battles, but when you are trying to scrape that much Nurgle off an objective, there may not be enough firepower in the game to make that happen!

In cases like this, the beasts became a vicious counter assault unit and with no Grey Knights to hold them in check, they proved a valuable resource for Pusbelly!

The Blood Angels also struggled to move the mass of boils as Great Unclean Ones are stubborn opponent's to even the staunchest combatants!

When you absolutely cannot pop that pimple, don't get Proactive, get Furious!

CVinton and several others commented that they weren't so sure about General Chaos and his single Monolith ....

... But he made sure to remove all doubt from his opponent's with little tricks like this!

Here is a look at Alex's Wraiths and Crypteks.

And a closer look at the Wraiths as they beat down the Unforgiven!

CVinton also represented the Necrons, taking the Double Douche Canoe Lords of Doom straight to Pat's Battle Wagons!

While I enjoyed peeking in on all the games, the game that presented the most eye candy was easily the one between Tau4eva's Blood Angels and Pat's Deff Skulls!

There is something to be said for seeing to great looking armies going at it. It makes me feel bad as well, since all games should really look like this!

Each army has a lot of work in it and each is something to be proud of, but only one could win! Not only did T4E win the battle against Pat, but he also edged him out barely for Player's Choice and when you take a closer look, you can see why they stole the show.

With bright colors and attention to detail taken to heraldry, the army is almost complete - some models still needed basing material and paint, but 99% of this force is ready to go and painted very well!

Aside from good looks, the army performed very well, handing CVinton's Crons their first resounding defeat, literally beating them off the board.

And while these armies took a toll on each other, it seems that Matt Ward's codex writing may have snuck it's way onto the field in a Blood Angel - Necron love affair for the ages ...

... a tale of two machines in love. He was a ruthless 65 million year-old alien Overlord, she was a big red lady with a Machine Spirit of Gold ...

... that is until the creepy Librarian Brosef came along and ruined it!

All joking aside, this was a great tourney, we handed out eight prizes, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Player's Choice, Best Model and three door prizes! Everyone seemed to have fun and in the end, that's all that really matters. Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome!


  1. Hmmm, I gave Pusbelly his list back. I will try to get a hold of him to have him post it in the comments here if he would like to.

  2. My poor innocent Stormraven! Bad touch!

    That was a fun, well run tournament! Thanks to everyone for player's choice army votes for my Blood Angels (despite some unfinished basing).

  3. Pussbelly here;
    My list was
    2 great unclean ones w/ b.o.chaos & c.o.flies
    1 unit of 7 beasts of nurgle
    3 units of 14 Plaguebearers w/icon and instrument each
    2 soulgrinders w/ phliegm
    1 demon prince with d.gaze,ironhide, c.o.flies,nox. touch

  4. Thank you for asking everyone