Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Empire Models Pics and Conversion Discussion

Old School here to show off the WHFB Empire models from the new White Dwarf. First off and foremost,  these models represent fully the depth of creativity GW is finding with its plastic productions, it huge Fantasy models and also with its ability to pull more than one unit from the same plastic kit. When I look at new Fantasy plastics, I look at progress, potential and conversion opportunities. Let's take a look at the pics and also see if there are any conversion ideas out there while we are at it.

The Griffon is completely over the top in a good way! It is huge and a million steps ahead of the old metal ones. The two-headed Griffon is awesome to, especially when the intention is to show that even this majestic creature has been touched by Chaos.

The War altar is simply amazing and once again, is a huge step up from the old one. Howling Griffon Space Marines just found the greatest Chapter Icon ever in the bits here and I think it would be really easy to turn this into a WHFB Chaos War Shrine. The Priest has obvious Fantasy uses, but I could really see Grey Knight Players using it in henchmen war bands and IG players using him as a Primaris Psyker.

This planetary deal here is like Diorama heaven! I can think of a million things to do with this in scenery!

More henchmen potential here, but that giant focus lens arrangement is just waiting to be turned into a ZZZap gun! I think this shrine kit is awesome and really also demonstrates the superior modeling ability of this company when placed next to the Khador Carraige from Privateer Press.

Now to my favorites, the Demigriffs! We first saw the potential for these in recent Warhammer Forge releases, but these kits are amazing. Chaos players, you just found the bottom half of your Dragon Ogre conversions. Think about it - less flimsy than cold ones and smooth, just add scales and an Ogre!

Aside from that, I think Centigors are an easy conversion from these as well as any other number of Chaos related monstrosities. That is all to go without saying that the original models are outstanding and are keeping with the recent WHFB tradition of adding sick heavy cavalry to the game.

Again, more shields and stuff for the howling griffons out there as well, but that is all I have for now. Thanks goes out to Rhellion for bringing these to my attention! Let's hear your thoughts and ideas on these models.


  1. Looks like there is also something for Sigmar with a warrior priest in the third picture... on the right side.

    These have potential for almost any Imperium player. The 28mm Inq modelers/players are going to have a blast with all these new miniatures.

  2. Griffon is retarded, the one in the Isle of blood was perfect, this is just fugly

  3. Screw that crap! where's my Second wave of Necrons!! :)