Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch

I just wanted to post a quick hobby post about the spray paints and primers I have been using lately for all of my armies. I had been having trouble in the ever-changing Michigan climate with different primers I have tried "fuzzing" and ruining models. Even worse, I've had some finish coats fuzz and ruin already detailed and painted models... so I began to look for alternatives to GW, Armory, and other hobby primers.

I hit the local hardware store and picked up some Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer. I get the cans that say "2X Coverage" and have the little icon of two painting cans on it. It sprays on what seems like thicker coats so I always make sure to stay FAR AWAY from the model and do very light, and possibly multiple coats. I started off with black exclusively on tanks when I still played 40k, and have slowly branched out into other colors such as brown and gray.

Lately I have taken it further, which is the reason I decided to post this up. I have been using them almost similar to the army shade products that other companies have produced. I picked up some new colors for my Wife's Daemon army, a VERY colorful army. I grabbed red, light purple, and light pink to use for the different shades of Bloodletters, Daemonettes, and Horrors. These have worked perfectly! I sprayed the models with 2 light coats and my basecoat was already done on the models. She used regular GW washes directly onto this coat and is already starting to get the entire army tabletop ready with very little work.

Here are some images of her first models with the direct spray basecoat and GW washes of her first models.

 Fiend conversion sprayed purple, and washed purple.

Bloodletters sprayed red and washed black.

She is taking painting classes at Adepticon this year and is hoping to get the entire army basecoated and then go back and highlight after she learns some new techniques.

Hopefully this showed you some alternate options to help out your hobby. Try out some of these cheap and time saving spray options. They work!


  1. Interesting - I'll have to give them a try. I've had good results with the Krylon "Fusion" primers - they're designed for plastics and resins and I haven't had any fuzzing issues of late. Of course, I live in CO so we don't have the humidity problem so that may have a lot to do with it!

  2. I love these primers and basecoat paints.

    For my FoW models, I'm using the Dark Forest Green Camoflauge color over a base of the Brown primer.

    The flat rustoleum painters touch sprays are honestly hard to beat.

  3. I love these. i use the flat black and white primers and even a few of the redish browns. I used a range of grays to prime and highlight my city fight terrain and then washed everything with a thinned black/browm mix of acrylic artist paint after i had picked out details and metalics. Great spray paints for the price point and readily available at most major hardware stores.

  4. Hmmm, I never tried these because I always worried the 2x coat would be too thick, but I will have to try them out once now.

  5. Just be careful with your application. I've sprayed a little too much before but when it dried it still looked fine.

  6. I use the painters touch spray paint as well, it works really well but is easy to over do it. If you accidentally flood the model you can get some of teh excess to run off if you blow on it quickly before it has a chance to dry.

    It can give you a really bad head rush doing that, but it works well to get the excess to drain off the model.

    It might be handy to keep a hair dryer that can be set to fan only that way you can blast it with cool air in case of over spraying.