Friday, March 9, 2012

Necron Canoptek Spyder Conversion!

Old School here with my version of the Canoptek Spyder. I decided to incorporate a touch of the codex art with some classic Sci-Fi robot action, 60's-style bendy metal arms and all. Danger Will Robinson, tons of photos ahead:

Alright, so I had tons of fun with this build and already had exactly how I would make it in mind when I ordered the destroyer bodies. When I envisioned the model, I wanted it to look like its Canoptek counterparts from the rest of the army, so I took the head straight from the Wraiths that I am running and added it to the body, but I have seen a ton of destroyer bodies with a Praetorian jump pack tacked on and it just always seems to be missing something, so I decided to make the most of the destroyer kit to make the Spyder fit my tastes.

Basically, the waist and the back of the torso from the destroyer kit were incorporated into the Spyder to give it extra bulk and to continue the spine aesthetic from the original destroyer body spine.

I also wanted it to give the impression of a small thorax rather than just a head and an abdomen.

Here is the Spyder with it's fellow Canoptek Worker Bots. I think the theme works!

With all the other parts in place, I whipped out the 020 Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff Industries and made my Futurama style - Bender arms! To to finish off the robotic arm look, I used the Guass weapon ends from the Immortal kit to cap off the arms with little robot pincher hands!

I know the old Sci-Fi arms aren't quite to everyones' tastes (though I am sure they are right up some peoples' alleys), I find them to be not only amusing, but how I would see a Spyder functioning inside a Tomb World while managing the maintenance. Imagine how hard it would be to help maintain things when all you have is pointy Spyder legs!

The next step from here is to make all of the remaining Spyders, base them and the begin the painting process. I plan to have tons of scarabs on the bases too, especially with how many I have cranked out using the press mold I made.

At some point during the weekend I plan to post a short tutorial listing exactly the bits I used and roughly how I made each part of this spider, so look forward to a little dissection!

As always, comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!


  1. Great stuff. Since looking at that last photo I keep hearing the line, "after a restless night of fitful dreams Gregor Samsa woke to find that he was an insect." ha! Classic.

  2. awwww he is so cute! I mean scary! :)

  3. "I also wanted it to give the impression of a small thorax rather than just a head and an abdomen."

    Seems rather insectoid to me. Spiders usually have a combined head and thorax, rather than three sections.

    Also I think eight legs would have been better, but see how it would have been difficult to fit these to the Destroyer part. Good job with what you had - I think the bendy legs work fine.