Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Necron Wraith Conversion: The Canoptek Court of the Destroyer Lord!

Old School here with my take on Canoptek Wraiths. I wanted to go for a simple conversion, using parts that I could scavenge from bits that I otherwise would not be using. CVinton led the way with the Praetorian Jumpack head and spine idea, so I bit that idea and went my own way with it. Let's take a look at these wraiths.

Alright, so keeping in mind that we want to keep these cheap, I also wanted to make as much use of spare parts to make them look cool as well. Since Canoptek Scarabs and Spiders bear the same name and as maintainers of the Tomb Worlds, the same maintenance role, I figured I would give them a look somewhat between that of a scarab and a spider.

I took the Praetorian jump pack and added the back torso piece from the Ghost ark warriors to the bottom of each wraith's main body. The little legs/ fins are from the little rib cage that is supposed to go on the praetorian back pack, but here I wanted to have them fill in the scarab impression, but also look like they may be useful in flight. The jump pack itself is great as it gives us a cycloptic eye and a set of pincer looking parts as well.

I gave each wraith a couple sets of mechandrites using green stuff rolled out in the SAW 050 made by Green Stuff Industries (this is THE tool for making tubes, cables and tentacles). I also made a hardier pair of arms using another part from the Praetorian. Each of those spinal column style arms are capped with the little pointy parts from the lychguard shields. Those same little parts are also used to cap off the long spinal tail, which is a combination of the Ghost ark spine and the Lychguard spine ... so you get the idea, tons of bits, lol!

Here is a little view from behind. I want them to have the look of gliding rather than flying, also ignoring and in one case, passing through difficult terrain.

Overall, I am happy that I was able to use spare parts to build the wraiths and still make them look suitable for the table top in terms of look and size. I plan to paint these immediately after finishing them. Right now they still need flock and a scarab here and there for their basing.

Right now I have two with coil whips, which are the parts coming out of their "mouths" but I might change that out for a longer tentacle from the tentacle maker. Otherwise, I would just paint the whips as they are now to look bright, so people would easily recognise them.

Anyway, that is it for today, these bad boys will roll out soon in the company of the destroyer lord to see what they can do. Comments as always, are welcome!


  1. Love this, these are a fresh take on the model that I haven't seen before. When I think of Wraiths I can't help but think of the Squids from Matrix. Great job on these and thanks for sharing!

  2. Those really are spectacular! They all have a great sense of motion and are definitely menacing. Keep up the great work!

  3. These are very, very cool - and equally effective on the tabletop. My 'Cron army boasts the same thing, a Destroyer Lord with a Warscythe running with Wraiths.

    Awesome unit, and much tougher than most give it credit for being.

  4. i like your conversion with the green stuff.

  5. Those are nice. Can't wait to see them painted.

  6. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the compliments and I will continue posting conversions and other projects as I move through this army. I should be dropping an article on press molding scarabs and using different materials in your mold process.

  7. Hey, OST! That's really great work! I put pics and a link to your blog/post in the Green Stuff Industries gallery. I hope that is OK. Let me know if it isn't and I'll take them down. Rich