Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Necron Triarch Stalker Conversion

Old School here posting up my first Triarch Stalker conversion. This conversion follows closely to what I would believe is the current standard for the stalker in basic form, but let's take a look at the big bug!

When I built this model I wanted to make it different enough from CVinton's Triarch Stalker (which he needs to get posted!), while holding true to the look and size of the entry from the codex art. As I looked around the Web, I found some great tutorials that I really liked and I figured, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Here is a link to the tutorial I followed. I didn't follow it 100%, but the basic form comes straight from there.

When I first opened the Necron Codex, I dreaded that it would be full of more of the same: T100 Terminator robots. The Triarch Stalker was one of the first things that broke that mold and really looked cool doing it. It also reminded me of the Defiler, which was my first vehicle conversion (I made a scorpion), so robot bugs have a special place in my heart.

In addition to cool looks, the Stalker isn't bad on the table either. I have used it to turn 30 Tesla Immortals into twin-linked Seer Council murdering death squads! For the heat ray, I simply used the end of the Doomsday Ark's Cannon, cut it and glued it to the peg at the end of the spinal piece under the chassis. Additionally, I gave the stalker two little arms up front to help it balance and fight ... and to lend to the creepy bug look.

Another change I made to the typical design was actually the result of a modelling error. Reading the directions, I though I had assembled the spinal column on the driver correctly, but once I put it all together, I had to cut off the original spines and add a little something I had on hand thanks to the Tentacle Maker SAW 050 from Green Stuff Industries. I think it works pretty well and I will pint them to look pretty nasty when it is all said and done.

As a final note, I will leave you with a photo of the Stalker next to a Warrior for size comparison. I think I will wait to build a full base for it since I am not sure it will get a base at all if the defiler is an example to follow. If anything, it will likely get an oval, which it should fit on about the same way the new Tyrannofex does, lol!

That's all for today. I am thinking of making some special characters with all the plastic overlords I have laying around from the barges. Any requests? I am also looking at building a C'Tan that is more along the lines of a necron wielding a shard and all of its power (basically like a floating tek or Praetorian holding a dark crystal ... mmmm, Gelfling!).

Comments, as always, are welcome!


  1. I'm not a necron guy ........... but that is cool.

  2. Wicked, i really like your conversions!
    I also like the idea of making a c'tan as a shard bearer ;)

  3. Fantastic job as always OST! Hope to see you out at the FLGS tonight.

  4. If they don't release a real kit of this in the next wave, I'll def build something similar.

  5. Two things:
    1) Great looking conversion! You guys do some of the most imaginative stuff.
    2) It is incredibly cool knowing my tools helped do that, however small their contribution. Thanks for being an "early adopter!"

    If you could get me a better picture of the model (close up on the cables, of course) I'd really like to put it in the GSI Gallery.

  6. The guy that built the original works at my local GW,waiting to see it first hand but I rarely walk in there as its generally filled with 10 year olds. I'm really enjoying seeing what people can come up with from already existing kits and what not though,makes me want to start a Necron army now.

  7. Oh and a Skeksi (way cooler than Gelflings,even if they do still scare the hell out of me 30 years later) style C'Tan shard would be awesome,picturing it with one of those Scibor Egyptian style eagle helmets they released recently or something similar.

  8. Ben Laird from our forum did this Stalker:

    They look the same!


  9. Had the joy of this model crushing my Maddok Grotsnik's skull at the tourney a few weeks back