Saturday, January 14, 2012

Titan Games Tournament Announcement!

The guys...guy...over at Titan games is hosting another tournament!  I went to the last one and it was a lot of fun. I really encourage anyone who is on the fence about it to get out there for any of their 40k tournaments.

Saint Valentine’s Massacre

Titan’s Entertainment Café is proud to present a Warhammer 40k Tournament

Where: Titan Games Entertainment Café located at 669 Capital Ave SW. Battle Creek, MI

Date: February 18th, 2012

Time: sign up starts at 10:00 AM, dice hit the table at 11:00 AM

The tournament will be three rounds, use standard force org, and have a 1500 point limit. No Painting requirements just WYSIWYG. Missions will be available at the store and forums. Entry Fee is $10. For more information or to reserve a spot visit our forums Or call (269) 963-3773


  1. I heard there are bonus points for a fully painted army...

  2. The last tourny I went to there did not have bonus points at all
    but that was at halloween

  3. I also heard there will be free hats.

  4. I think tourneys need to recognize paint more, especially locally.

  5. I'd like to see the recognition of any paint. Not just 'good' paint. I liked what I did for the spearhead and thought it was a good compromise between the two sides of the fence. 0 points for no paint, 1 point for paint 2 points for 3 colors and based.

    Its funny that everyone locally will put paint on their models for adepticon and spend all that time and effort for that but asking to do it for anything else is blasphemy.

  6. Yeah, I meant any paint. Good Paint is for GTs and painting competition.

    I would rather have it break down to points vs mandatory, like the spearhead tourney.

  7. I'll be there again and I think there are 4 others coming with me (the two youngin's from last time, and a Black Templar & Blood Angels older folks). Last time was a lot of fun (minus the weird guy going on about his Dark Angels). Look forward to maybe meeting yer Space Wolves this time.

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  9. ATTENTION! Titan has changed their store hours, sign up will start at 11AM and first round will be at NOON