Friday, January 13, 2012

The Road To Adepticon: Team Deathstar

The road to Adepticon is paved in Resin, plastic, paint and lots of tears. Mostly the tears of those trying to paint an army in under a month because they put it off for the past year. DFG will be representing in the Team Tournament this year. Myself, Lord Solar Steve, The Judge and Samsquatch Monster will be playing as Team Death Star. Lord Solar announced it a couple months ago, but given its the new year I thought I would start off our road to Adepticon.

I will be bringing the Craftworlders. A Seer Council on bikes to be exact. I am in process of assembly with 4 warlocks completed. I will be using the Chapter House Studios conversion kits. As it stands I have my Farseer completed and one Squadron of Guardians on bikes completed. I have yet to put paint on the warlocks, but the 4 I do have assembled are in primer and ready to paint. I have to acquire some more Chapter house warlock kits, 6 to be exact, and a couple more Guardian bikes and I will have all I need for my 1000 point force.

I will be keeping everybody posted about Team Deathstars “Road to Adepticon” over the next couple months. So keep your eyes open as there will be a flurry of modeling and painting over the next two months.

Until next time......................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hmmm. Maybe we should change our name to "Team Proton Torpedo"? Nahhhh. Snake Eyes is too perfect. Best of luck, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing your council.

  2. I can't wait to yell "It's a Trap" and have it be the guys on the Death Star getting trapped ... three games in a row, lol!

  3. Hey we are in it for fun. I think the only big thing will be agreeing on a display board for the teams very different armies lol.

  4. Use a patchwork quilt. That'll capture the theme nicely.