Monday, January 16, 2012

First Batch of Varghiests Counts as Fiends!

Old School here and tonight I un-boxed and built the first three fiends for my budding Daemons Project. The Varghiest was simply too good to pass up and since the Daemon project is really just about me fielding as many cool looking models as I can stand, they fit in - in fact, they are the new cool kids in town!

Size wise, the big guy here fits the Fiend size profile perfectly, not only that, but he looks fast and looks like he can pound out a ton of attacks and even be capable of Hit and Run. This Fiend in particular, was made from a combination of the Varghiest and the Crypt Fiend bits. The head and back are Crypt Fiend parts, but being daemons from hell, I think they work. At first, I was just looking to avoid the tragic Double Mohawk back piece (yeah, I know right!), but then, I grabbed a big ghoul head and shaved off the boils. I then placed the head on the body with a bit of tack and it really reminded me of when the vampire roars at Will Smith in I am Legend - I loved it, so it stays.

I plan to weave in some more humanoid Crypt Fiend parts into the remaining models I will build to complete the project, though a healthy number will remain full fledged Varghiests. The real trouble will be whether or not I paint these guys to represent Slaanesh or should I do something else - they are already counts as, which gives me some freedom, but it could also be confusing for an opponent. fleshy pinks and purples don't seem bad to me ... hmmm, I'll see what you all come up with!

As a final note, I mentioned at the club to a fellow gamer that I thought they would be too small to represent daemon princes ... I take it back, they could easily be mounted on a raised 60mm base and work well there. I can also thinka bout a million things these wings could be used for on other models and ranges as well and I can't wait to see what people do with them.

As far as the other parts in this kit, well, I need Gorgers for the Ogre Kindoms army and I think I just found the parts I need to avoid finecast!

Anyway, let me know what you think and what direction you would take them paintwise. I am all ears (or I guess eyes in this case).


  1. I don't think you have to go with Slaanesh colors only. My brother uses spawn for his Fiends (great use of a tide of spawn box), and painted them as a rainbow:

    I'm trying to find a full army shot but it is actually very fitting in a Demon army that's not monogod.

  2. Love the models, and man, they are huge. I think a pale purplish to pick would look great on these models. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  3. Hey, looking at those models, how well would those wings go on the Tyranid Warrior body to make Strikes?