Monday, January 16, 2012

Multiple FAQ Updates: Necrons, Nids and Chaos Marines ect.

Old School Terminator here with some quick news about the big FAQ update that occurred last night. It looks like the Rulebook, Apoc, Apoc: Reload, Blood Angels, Daemons, Chaos Marines, Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Grey Knights, Imp Guard, Necrons, Orks, Codex Marines, Wolves and Tyranids all got an update.
Highlights include of course, Necrons getting an update that doesn't leave them nerfed and Chaos Marines took it on the chin by having to roll to hit for lash. Tyranids got a little boost in that Hive Guard won't worry about smoke or vehicles moving flat out anymore, Tyrants with Tyrant Guard only count for a single kill point and Shadow in the Warp is no longer prevented by vehicles. Now if only a Prime could climb into a pod!

Anyway, here is a link to the FAQ page, enjoy, and let us know what you think!


  1. The one that shocked me was changing IG platoons for Dawn of War, letting the whole thing count as one unit.

  2. Combat squads with the same ruling sons.

  3. combat squads do it when they enter though. Platoons can come in separately if they want. Top combat squad they have to be on the table at the same time.

  4. We'ge always judged that platoon work like that locally. One thing I noticed was how they seemed to universally make psychic shooting attacks roll to hit, but lost the consistency when it came to some powers like jaws, weird. Another interesting note was Guard's weaken resolve being able to effect units in combat.
    I am exited for nids, though still have no idea why the prime can't ride in a pod. They missed the boat there, but their faq was the biggest improvement overall.
    Necrons were well done, imo, they got what they needed and answered all of the questions I had from a TO and player point of view.

  5. "One thing I noticed was how they seemed to universally make psychic shooting attacks roll to hit, but lost the consistency when it came to some powers like jaws, weird."

    Somebody at 3++ compared that to Jaws being a template, but I just think they should make all psychic shooting attacks have to roll to hit, at least on the first target.

    My biggest gripe about the Tyranid FAQ was fixed, but there are still far too many problems to consider the codex even 'balanced'.

  6. I had a good winning streak in my time with nids and could no doubt have a little more bow, though the problems in the book are fundamental and encompass whole units, making a very thick book seem pretty thin, even just to toss around for pick up games, never mind competitively.

  7. ahhhhh Mind War does not have to roll to hit :-)

    not a lot of changes for the Eldar or the Dark Kin. I am glad they fixed shadows of the warp for the Tyranids. Since it was basically runes of warding it finally makes logical sense.

  8. I also noticed some cleaning up of how runes and shadow of the warp worked. So a farseer using his runes of witnessing, while under the effect of a hostile runes of warding and within the shadow of the warp, will roll 5D6, drop the highest, and suffer perils on any double 1 or double 6 or if the total is 12+.

    Sounds fun. :)

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