Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sculpting and Converting Angron, Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters!

Old School here with a sculpting project on the table: Angron, Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters Legion! I have wanted to make Angron more than any other Primarch since I first started converting models. He has always appealed to me, but it wasn't until the Ghorgon was released, that I started to look at the possibility. I began the project in earnest last night and I am sure to have a long road ahead. What you will see in this post is what a sketch is to a finished painting, so keep in mind the flat, blank armor and such (even the shape of the armor in places) will change. I plan on having Angron wearing the kind of Ornate stuff you see in the art, but let's take a look at where I am at:

I have a vision in my head that I am operating off of that includes these giant wings from the Zombie Dragon kit. I think they look great and reflect the kind of damage Angron would likely get on those thin wings as he stomped across the battlefield, recklessly seeking new challenges!

I started sculpting the armor around the thighs last night, which will eventually go from the shape of power armor - to a more segmented style armor, using plastic card and green stuff bands.

Milliput is a great tool as it behaves like clay once the epoxy is combined. It is easily worked into place, smooths to an eggshell surface with water (and a good massage, lol), take shape and keeps it - and most importantly, can be sanded smoothly, which green stuff really cannot do. Also, it's cheap!

The base of the shoulder pads were created last night and as we speak, they are on the table awaiting my files. The skull on the left pad is from the Stone Horn kit (Ogre Kingdoms) and will make up a very cool World Eaters Legion symbol once I add the globe and bottom jaw. Both pads will have a large trim added and the one that is blank now will be dedicated to Khorne. Don't worry, you will see. The metal Plaguebearer is there just for scale. Angron is HUGE!!!

Angron could never work without a ton of cables running to from his head! I am using the Green Stuff Industries Tentacle Maker right now and have been practicing on the cables you see here. I will see how the project goes and might also use milliput here just to get the cables rigid once dried in place!

Here he is with legs. As I said, there is much work to be done. Right now, he looks like a lingerie model with his yellow bra, but over the next week and a half or so, this model will start to shape up and you will see where I am heading with the armor and overall pose.

One thing I would really like some feedback on though is the shape of his lower legs. Should I do the Goat or Dog style backward-bent legs or a more humanoid leg style? If I went with the backward-bent look, I would likely use hooves as well and make it look similar to the legs on the possessed model pictured below:

Taken from Dakka just to show the type of leg

Anyway, that's it for now. If you are wondering what I plan on using Angron for, I have a very Khorne themed idea for a Daemons army (really just an excuse to make Angron), which will feature Beastmen counts as Blood Letters and Angron's personal escort of Eight Blood Crushers (played in this case, by my Forge World Berzerkers on Juggernaughts)! Thanks for reading in any case and I really would appreciate the feedback.


  1. Cool, looks like a great project. The more kits that come out, the better for these types of things.

    Good luck, looking forward to the future updates!

  2. Oh man, Im looking foward to this!

  3. eeexxcellent, smithers, eeexxxcellent.

  4. *Sigh* and for the record since I guess quoting simpsons wasn't good enough...

    The backwards bent goat legs *(with exception). I think the wrap ravaging his body would leave its demon stamp on him. Plus goat legs are classic. The challenge bar is higher though so there is definitely that to consider.

    If you didn't want to do the goat legs, what would you use for feet? There are a ton of large monsters in fantasy, but I don't know anything that has khorne looking feet (whatever that looks like...I guess I mean non-birdlike). I know the model is a serious project but it would be funny to have big clawed toes bursting out of the front of power armor shoes like some hobo.

    Looking at the project, I think you can do either one. Looking at the model, though I support goat legs, I think the normal legs would look best in the pose you have him in now. If you left him in normal legs, I would oust the hooves for a more normal shaped humanoid feet.

    Now back to the Itchy & Scratchy Show!

  5. Wow...this is going to be seriously awesome...
    I very refreshing new take on Angron.