Saturday, January 7, 2012

Iron Warrior Sorcerer Base Built; Time to Paint!

Have you ever wanted to see your enemy torn down from his defenses and forced to watch his fortress and friends destroyed before he suffers a slow, crushing fate? So has my Sorcerer and unlike us, he has the power to do it! That is right folks, I decided to have my sorcerer based on an Imperial Fist being crushed to death by chains, let's take a closer look:

I used a set of assault Marine legs, a regular torso and pack, an assault terminator head and shoulder pads from the command box. I picked the head as it was the only one I had with that open mouthed, dismayed look. I used a biker arm because I wanted him to be reaching out to his fortress or fellow brothers, witnessing in helpless horror, what the Iron Warriors are doing to them.

I used a set of chain that I ordered from Dragon Forge some time ago when I got my old power cables. I simply wrapped him up on it and put him on a base that had a thin film of green stuff on it (the better to glue a model too. I then added some extra pieces of chain, some plastic chain bits from various Dark Eldar and Vampire Counts bits to add some tiny bits of flare.

The big piece of tile isn't part of his base, I simply mounted the base on it so I could work on the base without touching it with my hand.

One little touch I added was a resin skull (I bought them by the hundred from some Russian Ebay Seller). The skull has a crushed eye socket on one side, so I made it look like a chain had burst out of the socket!

Well, I can't talk forever. I have to put some paint on the base. I think I will also run the chains up the basing pin once the sorcerer is added and have it run either to his chain crotch piece or have it disappear up the back of his cloak. That's just one idea that has been kicking around since CVinton mentioned it at the club last night.

Let me know what you all think.


  1. Really liking the sorcerer and the base. Keep it up.

  2. I really love the look of him OST!

    I don't know if it's me or not but whenever I see the Sorcerer I think of a Cenobite!

  3. You hit one of my inspirations right on the nose, LS!