Friday, January 6, 2012

Iron Warriors Sorcerer Conversion Update, Fluff and Basing Ideas Brewing!

Old School here with a quick update on the Iron Warrior Sorcerer I started working on the other day. This work is still a work in progress, but he is moving along rather nicely. When I was looking for ideas for Iron Warriors Sorcerers, I was shocked by the semi-lackluster results I got. It seemed like nobody had really made an Iron Warriors Sorcerer that grasped the legion character. I think there are several reasons for this and we will get to know this fellow as we walk through the photos.

From my knowledge of the IW from reading the Heresy novels and Storm of Iron, it is apperant that the legion regards daemons with disgust and sorcery with suspision. I cannot help but think, however, that the masters of siege craft could go on without placing some value in the use of psykers in the overall assault of an enemy's defense - after all, the power of a psyker and the vulnerability of a defensive position to them cannot be overlooked.

With that being said, I envision the sorcerer as somebody who lives among his brothers on the edge of their brotherhood, neither accepted nor fully denied, rather a powerful tool that can change the course of a battle with but a thought, all while exposing the legion to the daenomic influence they only seek to control for their gain. I imagine his role would be binding daemons to powerful engines of war when not breaking fortresses. So it is that Vinculum Ferrum was born into my mind. One of the things I love the most about Chaos is their anti-heroes and the ability to create scary back-stories for my HQs.

So it is that I imaging the brother who is now known as "The Iron that Binds" or the "Master of Chains" being a mysterious sorcerer whom they break out like the Duke in Boondock Saints - when the enemy must be broken from their towers and dragged into the fight, he is summoned. I imagine him as a legionnairre who discovered his powers after the decree at Nikea, while fighting the Hrud, keeping them secret until the legion broke their bonds with the Emperor at Istvaan V. I see him using his mind to find gaps in the enemy's defense, just as his chain would probe for a chink in the enemy's armor.

Mostly the ideas I have stem from the model itself and the horror I can imagine of being torn apart or being run through by barbed chains.

I still have some painting left to do and some final touches on the model itself, but the base has not even been started yet. I am trying to think of ways to fit part of a Space Marine on the base with chains either piercing his guts or coming out from his mouth. Perhaps the whole base will be made of chains with the loyalist only partially visable beneath the writhing chains. So ... I am still looking for ideas there.

This is honestly why I have always been a fan of Chaos to begin with. I love making scary models and the freedom that comes from creating little scenes of horror that would not fit with loyalist themes.

If anyone out there has ideas, comments or anything they could add or encouragement to offer, please do! I wil post the finished model with much better pics as wel - considering I just grabbed these with the phone before heading to bed!


  1. Looking great there mate. Love your 'theory' behind the mini!

    In the Ultramrines book 'Dead Sky, Black Sun', where Uriel and his buddy are banished from Macragge and end up on the Iron Warrior world of Medringuard, the Iron Warriors make extensive use of sorcerer's and psykers - which ultimately destroy the enemy fortress!

  2. Thanks CVinton and GunGrave! I read Dead Sky, Black Sun and the final battle was awesome. I like how the IW were hot boxing space marines from raw geneseed in daenomic wombs!

    Duende, check your followers, man, Ive been there for a while, lol!

  3. I like the model and the background story. It really sets a different mood to an Iron Warriors army.


  4. Looks great, I can't wait to see more of the army.