Tuesday, January 3, 2012

40k Chaos Sorcerer Conversion from Fantasy Manticore Parts!

Old School here with my first creation of the New Year for you, a Chaos Sorcerer created from parts of the Chaos Manticore kit from the Warhammer Fantasy Storm of Magic. From day 1, I was stricken with this model and originally bought it to be a Fallen Dark Angel objective marker, but I have been enjoying my Chaos Marines lately and plan to add him into my existing force to fight beside my Iron Warriors, Death Guard Maggot Legion and my World Eaters.

I loved the chains and the hidden face effect of the hood. The giant scythe didn't really speak to me until I had the model together in my hands.
First, I would like to say that the base is just here to stand the model up for photos as I am still looking for basing ideas, also the sorcerer will be leaned forward more to match the motion in his chain cloak and robes.

The chain cloak is easily one of the coolest thing GW has pulled off on a model in a long time. If you look at it, the links are even barbed. I love the skulls and the flow of the chains. Don't worry either, it is removable for the moment as it will need to be painted separately and it seems they understood that, making it kind of a snap on piece one its three parts are together.

And there is that scythe! I still think that it may be to over the top, but at the same time, it is pretty cool and would be a great force weapon! The chains swinging between his legs are mounted to the spot that used to be a piece of belly armor. I got a little to exited with the hobby knife and damaged the plate, so I replaced it with the metal chains from the old Bloodcrusher kits (they finally are useful!).

I kept the other hand as well, since the sorc's bolt pistol or whatever will likely just be a holster piece I add to his waist prior to painting. Also, in the pics here, the back piece actually mounts down tighter to the cape, but with the parts being separate and my hand not being there to hold it, it is popping up a little.

Like I said, he will be based on something cool and will be leaned a little forward. If you are curious about the legs, my wife said he needed to be 40k'ed up a little, so I took some assault Marine legs, shaved down the bump that usually fills in the Space Marine torso, cut the wizards cod piece off (ouch!) and mated them together. I then pinned straight through the whole model with the rod that will serve as his flying rod. Before gluing, I the cut the legs of each set of legs (the sorc's and the marine's) and swapped the knees down out, giving the sorc just enough 40k - power armor look to be right, while keeping his olden, chaosified, artificer armor look.

Finally, the chest was bare on the original model, so I made some green stuff cables using the Green Stuff Industries Tentacle Maker (which is a must have item in my opinion, and gave him the standard libby power cable treatment. I then added the skull from a shaved shoulder pad icon to the middle of the chest.

If you are interested in where I got the Tentacle maker, check out Green Stuff Industries and if you need some cheap bits from the sorcerer kit, or any kit really, I recommend Horde O' Bits on Ebay as he has been my bitz man for over 2 years now! I think I won all the sorcerer parts I used for a total of $7, not bad for an HQ!

In any case, keep your eyes open for more Chaos as I prep for the upcoming codex and enjoy my first real 40k love! Comments and ideas are always welcome!


  1. Hey there, OST!

    I like the way he was put to float. He seems to be in a very Ominous position, like he's ready to cast some nice, nice magic (Lash, anyone?! :)) the new Codex will bring. Excellent job! 
    Also, It was very nice to see a fellow 40k'er getting ready for the Codex release upfront its lauch. I was starting to think I was rushing into things, but I do feel better now. Thanks :D

    My aim is to re-do all my army from scratch. I sold pretty much everything I got to have enough money to do the whole thing custom made this time. Chaos will be getting his much deserved top position again, and I want to be in the show Front Row. I know it's heavy and sometimes expensive work, but it's paying itself with the tons of fun I'm having in the process of figuring out every single detail of this monster project. Hoard is basically providing me all my army. They are awesome!

    What caught my attention in your post is that we used a very similar approach to do our Sorcerers... I also used the Manticore Lord, but mixing some non GW bits to give it a different feel. I really don't know how people tend to accept this kind of stuff (tourneys, for starters!), but I do aim to have a very top good looking army at the tabletop first than anything. Having said that, would you care to take a quick look into what I did for some feedback? You can find the pictures at http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/308346-Chaos%20Sorcerer.html?m=2  Thanks!

  2. WM Dopker, I like the sorcerer you posted on dakka. The twin energy balls/ spirits are perfect and give the model a dynamic feel. I like how you filled the hood too and the whole model looks seemless, which should be the goal of any conversion.

    You're on the right track, make a great looking army, then worry about the rules. I'll see you in the the front row, now let's hope the rumors live up to the truth!

  3. Very cool - I'm definitely liking how it's coming along, really looking forward to seeing what it looks like painted! Great use of bits, the model has a great sense of motion to it!

  4. Great conversion. I think the model would benefit from being tilted forward in its floating position, that way he would appear to be moving forward.

  5. Very nice!

    I have to agree with the above comment - a slight tilt forwards would really finish it off nicely!

  6. kind of like I said in the article, lol!

  7. Seriously solid converting and thought put into that model, OST. I can't wait to see him painted and used in a game!!!

    ...you are going to bring him painted to use in a game at Adepticon, right? ;)

    I've also got to love the fact that your wife's advice influenced the model. My own wife is a huge influece on many of my projects.

  8. Thanks guys, he is basically done. I am building a base for him tonight and will paint it sometime this weekend. The chains are getting a weathering powder rust treatment as well.

    I am thinking of putting a space wolf or Imperial Fist torso on the base with a rusty chain bursting from either his chest or mouth ... we'll see.

    Tim, It's nice to have the wife around for an outside opinion. She keep me sane when I am not sure where to go with something.