Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iron Warriors Progress; Two squads in MkII Armor!

Old School here to mark my progress on my Iron Warrior army. So far I have two squads basically done and just awaiting final details like shoulder pad markings, tightening up here and there on the painting and mostly the addition of their Champions. In the meantime, however, I would like to treat you to a few shot of the 20 Iron Warriors I have completed so far.

I chose to use the MkII Forge World suits I had in the bitzbox. I know Iron Warriors are supposed to be MkIII Iron Armor, but sue me, this is what I had and the only difference is the chest, which is almost always covered with a bolter ; ).

The shoulder pads on this armor really stood out to me and seemed like a good place to make my stand on the hazard stripes. I am currently perfecting my freehand Iron Warriors symbol before I hit up the actual models with it.

These guys are some of my favorites as they have some great running poses. They look aggressive and ready to storm the breach. Taking a closer look at them, you will see that the paint around their legs is a little gritty. The first batch that went through caught some Krylon Grey Primer and wouldn't you know, the holy trinity got me and they came out a little fuzzy. I re-primed them with Valspar Grey Primer and most of the model was fixed, though the legs are still gritty, but that's ok as rust is a heavy theme for this force and it just goes right along with the idea.

Big group shot!

I made sure to paint the green glow in the visor, even though it will never be visible on the tabletop and also treated each scope to a little blue gem love.

I could not be happier with the models and when the champions are added and the final paint job gets touched up this weekend, I will be sure to post all of them in their full glory.

Here is a little look at the rust, which was applied with a broad stippling of snakebite leather followed by a slight stippling of vermin brown. The rust to me is a sign of their fall. Like something that just keeps coming back no matter how they scrape and repair. This is not so much a Nurgle thing, but rather just a curse they live with. I don't know, I liked the idea, so I went with it!

Plenty more to come though, uh oh, looks like I may have spoiled an upcoming project by displaying it in the background. Oh well! Let me know what you think so far!


  1. Very nice work! Always been a fan of the IW, and the heresy-era armor really works for 'em. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Very nice! That armour variant really suits the Iron Warriors!

  3. Super Sexy. Is that Glistening Green I see for the eyes?

  4. look great. I like the rust; pretty easy and straight forward. Did you base metal, rust, and then come back with a dry brush of the same base metal or just metal-rust-done?

    Nice touch with the extra colors. I think that's a big deal despite being just a dot of color. When you have a big sea of rusty metal hazard stripes that contrast of blue and green (though on the same side as yellow) breaks it up enough to notice the sea being made up of individuals. That's a very important detail that is often lost to the 24" paint job. (not that your's is a 24" paint job)

    Also, nice bases.

  5. Iron Within, Iron Without. Very nice!

  6. Very pretty. Will I get to kill some of those at Adepticon (or at least ogle them in person)?