Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Obliterator Conversions with Dark Mech Feel!

Old School here, coming to you from the road. I took a bit of a business trip last night and brought some of my easy travel bitz cases with me to build some DIY Obliterators. I had a lot of fun with the following conversions, so let's check out the photos:

The first Oblit I made is called Big Papa. All the Oblits I am making (I had 9 of the old ones at one point, but the model sucks and I am redefining myself as somebody who runs stuff he likes), are made from the Ogre Kingdoms body as a base. The idea is to go for the Dark Mechanicus Praetorian look. So, I took the Talos mask, which I saw used to great effect at Synaps3 for a Grotesque conversion, so I really wanted to fit that in somewhere.

The chainsaw arm is from Kromlech, the flamer looking arm is a cut-up custom mega blaster.

The big gun on his shoulder is the ravenwing upgrade sprue assault cannon modded up with a little plastic card.

Each oblit is going to have his own little character and the big gun is what defines "Big Pappa"

Here is a shot from the back. There are still some spots to tie the green stuff work together later, when the current stuff dries, but the effect is visible. The spine and cables that lead to each weapon are all made using the Tentacle Maker SAW-050 from Green Stuff Industries. If you follow no other link today, follow this one and check out this tool. It is cheap and will save you tons of time and effort on conversions.

The exhaust pipe is also from the kromlech chainsaw arm, which I cut down.

I also added some green stuff padded-type armor, which will get refined once dry with smaller amounts of green stuff.

I will leave you with a peek at the next oblit. I will call him the "Lightning Rod"

I will show him off as soon as he is done.

I think these models are a lot of fun and were a great little mini-project for the road. I will get back to Angron and some gaming when I return home this afternoon. I would love to hear what you guys think about these models and any ideas you have for future models for the Oblitz.


  1. Even if not used as obliterators, those would make some sweet big mutants from the old lost and the damned codex. Bravo on a great conversion! I'm inspired now myself.

  2. Looking good! I like where you're going with 'em - keep up the great work!

  3. Simply brilliant conversions. Can't wait to see them based and painted.

  4. Must agree with the rest, they look fantastic! It does give me some fantastic ideas for my Nurgle Obliterators which are going to be based off the Skaven Rat Ogres.

  5. Thank you very much everyone for the compliments. They are a ton of fun to build and give me a lot of Dark Mechanicus ideas for a counts as army. It's pretty cool to just build something completely different.

    Warhammer in Progress, I will keep my eye open for the Nurgle Oblits. I think the rat ogre is a great unit to base some thing like this from.

    I will keep rolling out the conversions guys, thanks for the support

  6. Those things look great! For CSM, the Oblits are the most fun to kit-bash. You get something you like playing that is also a great/powerful unit. Looking forward to more, sir!

  7. Old School Terminator I love it!
    I think we are going to have to play a game, my current WIP AdMech vs your DarkMech once both projects are finished!

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