Friday, December 23, 2011

Organizing the Bits Box: Saving Time, Space and Frustration!

Old School here to talk about getting organized. It has occurred to me several times over the last year, that my bits collection (it can't be called a box when it takes up a wall in your garage ... and most of your desk ... and a closet) is a mess. While it may seem like cool bragging rights to some that I could pull a Death Wing/ Raven Wing army out of my bits boxes, I also have found and lost countless items in there as well (where the hell are the 3 Multi-Meltas I thought I had). So after not being able to find several items while I was attempting a cool conversion last night, I decided to break the cycle!
My wife in her intuitive womanly ways, had purchased a stack of organizers the other day. These are a great find for just $14.99 from Stanley and they have clamps that allow them to be stacked together without sliding around. This is an extra benefit as I tend to take the hobby with me when I travel - also, If I need more, I can just purchase more of these and they can all link together.

So last night, I broke out this huge plastic drawer, a laptop box and two other plastic bins of stuff that was mostly made up of loyalist Space Marine stuff and got to work. I made sure that I used one organizer just for rhino and other space Marine light Vehicle parts (speeders and dreads included), another organizer is just for actual infantry bits. I have a bigger organizer that I set aside for Chaos Marines as well, while the other smaller one will likely hold my daemons stuff. I gave each type of bit its own compartment and needless to say, greatly downsized the space needed for the bits.

After just those few containers had been cleared, I had the plastic bin above filled with clipped sprues and bag trash (bags were how I used to "organize" my stuff. Aside from clearing out a bunch of space in the garage so far, I also managed to find 37 more Space Marines than I knew I had, found 6 Multi Meltas for my speeders (funny that I was missing 3!) and plenty more terminator parts and shoulder pads, along with some cool character models (Games Day Templar!) and the best part is that my organizers still have plenty of room in them ... well actually, the best part is that these bits will never be lost again and that I will have a much better account of what I own from here out. I never knew I had that many extra Marines, so maybe now I will branch out my power armored forces too!

The bottom line is that some of the stuff I own is the result of me spending money on things that I didn't know I already had enough of. This just becomes a cycle and while it has resulted in me pulling armies out of no where and allowed me to make some epic bits-trades, it is borderline hording and has been a cramp on my hobby style for quite some time. With better organization, I can set goals and start actually putting painted stuff on the table because I have a clear idea of what I am working with. I can also plan better conversions as I can see all of my bits in the same location!

How about you? Getting a jump on resolutions? Did I just help you find one? Do you have a story about getting organized? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Sweet! Nice setup. I actually just order two of the same storage organizers, so hopefully it will be a good way for me to save space. I have so many Ork and Space Wolf sprues..

  2. Good job, I'm about to get into 40K, and I plan on staying organized. It saves time and money. I'm also organizing other aspects of my gaming hobbies. It feels good to be organized.

  3. Yo también utilizo esos organizadores para dejar las matrices atrás!

  4. I use those same tool sorters for my different works in progress. I have been thinkng about sortign my bits with them too. Not I think I will.

  5. I started buying bead boxes from AC moore to organize my bitz. The first trip I bought three or four and had them full in an evening, without makeing a dent in my bits pile. I then started buying them a dozen at a time when they ran them on sale. I have enough to fill up a book case now, but I still need a couple more for bitz from new kits.