Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maggot Strewn Nurglings in a Day - Pics and Tutorial!

Old School here to show off my Nurglings with full Maggot bases, a sacred seven Nurglings per base and a tutorial on how I painted 21 Nurgling bases in just over six hours! First things first, this project would have never happened without CVinton. We we trading bitz and talking shop one night when the conversation turned to Chaos, sacred numbers and the abundant supply of Nurglings I had just sitting in my bitz box.

Before leaving for the night, CVinton rounded up a number of Nurglings and vanished. Soon my kidnapped babies were the subject of text message slide shows, their bases covered in maggots. Yesterday, I dropped in on CVinton, who like a plaguebearing Santa Claus, gifted me with 21 bases of Nurglings, each with seven per base! I was so stoked, I vowed to paint them that night. Let's look at how I managed to get them done so fast!
First thing first, I primed everything grey, making sure to get good, even coverage.

Next, I based the models with the airbrush in Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab. This is the color that will ultimately color the shadows on the models.

Next, I hit all of the models from above with an airbrushing of Vallejo Game Color Plague Brown, purposely leaving the paint watered down so that it naturally would get caught in random placed and look like ... well, baby crap.

Next, I came from directly above the bases and sprayed them with Vallejo Game Color Dead Flesh. This would be the pre-highlight for later painting.

Here is an idea of what the models looked like at this point. We are about an hour and a half into this..

Next, I Dry Brushed (pretty thickly for dry brushing) Tau Sept Ochre all over the Maggots. It doesn't matter if you get a little on the Nurglings.

Next, I mixed Gryphonne Sepia and Vallejo Still Water 50/50 and applied it heavily to all the maggots. The goal is for them to look slimy but not really wet, the mix takes care of that for you.

With the maggots still wet, I then applied Thrakka Green wash to each Nurgling. We are now about four hours into the project and almost done.

With the nurglings and the bases dry, I then hit the eyes with Iyanden Darksun, the various little guts and tears in flesh with a red mix I made for blood (4:8:1) Red Gore, Baal Red, Chaos Black. Finally, the high points on the horns and teeth were brushed over quickly with bleached bone.

Paint the rim on the bases and they are done. Pretty much all the nurglings anyone would really need in just over six hours. Feel free to click the photos to enlarge them and see the details.

They are by no means masterpeices, but they are Nurgling bases and have enough detail and to not only exceed tabletop standard, but also convey the disgusting plague image I would imagine anybody would experience from meeting these nasty critters! The best part is that the look took so little time to achieve! The method can easily be applied to plaguebearer size models as well, with just a little more attention paid to them as they are bigger models. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you like the little guys and be on the lookout for more daemons in the future!


  1. Those are delightfully disgusting - fantastic work!

  2. Those look fantastic, and as a Daemon player, am envious of such a large amount of Nurglings. I was curious on the bases if they were purchased , sculpted, or made from a mold. Either way they look superb!

  3. CVinton made the maggot bases, I told him he should go into business!

    Thank you for the compliments guys, it was fun racing to see how fast I could make them while keeping the decent!