Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back in Black: The first Death Wing Squad makes its painted debut!

Old School here with some photos of the Death Wing's first re-painted squad in their original black color scheme. Let's take a look:

To save time, for those of you who don't know, here is a link to the post where I ruined my Death Wing and here is a post about coming back in black.

Otherwise, I am happy with the overall look and feel. Nothing compares to nice, white Death Wing models, but once I got over that, I began to appreciate my "new-old" look and the quickness with which it can be applied. I must apologize for the photo quality, I am away from my normal equipment and had to crop these photos in paintbrush, lol.

Here is one of the close ups that worked out. I'm glad this one came out as it shows off the layered gold/brass, the patina, the light edging I did with Boltgun Metal to express the paint being scraped on the edges rather than anything being line highlighted. Unfortunately, the on-board flash also did a hell of a job brightening the whole paintjob up to a brighter grey.

Here is a group shot of 2/3 the squad. I kept the basing the same as the command squad, who will remain white.

Here are the remaining squad members, including my Cyclone Missile launcher.

I will part with the overhead view of those two - note the old school checker pattern on the cyclone, which was weathered with chip weathering and a little bit of powder from Secret Weapon Miniatures!

All in all, I am very happy with them compared to where they could have been and I look forward to continuing the army now. Hopefully, I will have the infantry done by New Year!

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  1. Tres purty! I loved watching the progression. All's well that ends well.