Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Team DFG!

Courtesy of the Dead Tau Project
Old School here with this wonderful pic, wishing you a Merry Christmas wherever you are from all of us at the Dark Future Games Team. Whether you are religious or not, celebrate Xmas or belong to another creed, we wish you the best this day. Hopefully, you are among friends and loved ones and healthy as well!

Before I let you off the Holiday hook, please take the time to think about those men and women who sit in austere conditions in fighting holes around the globe, sacrificing their time with loved ones for their countries. May they find some small measure of peace and holiday spirit this day. If somehow you are reading this from a combat zone, Semper Fidelis, brothers and sisters, you are not forgotten.

Enjoy this day and stand by for some evil modelling and painting from the DFG team this coming year! Now on Angron and Magnus and Fulgrim and Kurze, Come Lorgar, come Perurbo, come Mortarion, Alpharius and Horus too! Merry Heresy to all and to all a good plight!

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