Thursday, December 29, 2011

DFG Custom Bases!

After much pushing from OST, I made up some 25mm of the maggot bases seen on his nurglings.  I made a mold, started casting them and now want to offer them for sale to the community as a pilot to what might be a range of custom, 40k specific bases.

 I'm offering them for sale with the understanding that I cast these in my basement with just a simple resin pour system.  I don't use a vacuum to assure there are no bubbles.  I use micro-mark resin which is very thin and from the resins I've used in the past, this one is the best when it comes to bubbles.  For the ones painted and pictured here I just grabbed a full set of seven randomly out of the box to paint.  That means the quality of cast you'll receive should be similar to what is pictured.

If you think you'll have a problem with getting bases with bubbles, I'd suggest you buy from someone that uses vacuum mold equipment to assure there are no bubbles.  The price I'm asking is based on the the best quality I can produce without having to make the investment to produce higher quality products.

After reading that, if you're still interested the price is .50 cents a base.  You can order in any quantity and will receive complete sets of seven and then random bases for any remainder.  For example: if you order 50 bases, you'll receive 7 sets of 7 (49 bases total) and one random base, which makes a total of 50.  Also, your random bases won't be the same.  If you order 5 bases, you'll get 5 random, but different bases from the potential 7 of a complete set.

As this is just a test run to gauge the potential of making custom bases, I don't have much of an order structure set up.  If you want to purchase, you can send payment to my paypal at  If you don't feel comfortable with just sending paypal with a special note feel free to email me and I will get back with you.  I'm happy to send an invoice to you as well if you email me what you'd want.  In the special note just write in how many you'd want and I'll send you a confirmation back so there are hopefully no hang ups.


  1. Those are really, really awesome. I'll have to get some at some point here.

  2. Those are disgusting! And Awesome! Really well done, I'd love to know how the maggots were made.

    ...Or are they actually real maggots? :)

  3. Those do look freakin' wicked! The PayPal "Buy Now" button is pretty easy to set up... you may want to go that route, too.