Monday, December 26, 2011

13th Company Wolfguard, special weapons and wolf standard.

13th Company Update

I finished up some special weapons and wolfguard in my spare time over the holidays and thought our readers would enjoy some pictures of the progress.  I'm pretty stoked because my hobby ADHD usually has kicked in by now and I've moved on to another army, but these wolves still have my heart.

 These two got updated with the combi melta.  They were the powerfist guys from the first squad I did.  Its what happens when you build the models before figuring out what you're going to use on the table top.

This was an ode to OST.  Some poor iron warrior lost his arm.  Better luck next time, traitors.

I'm trying to emphasize the chaos bits more and have them not repainted Space Wolves.

OST hooked me up after reorganizing his bits box and handing over like...15 of those awesome wolf backpacks.  I owe him big for that,

Heres a group picture.  I had a good time doing the pack markings and I like that they're all different, signifying heavy loses over the give-or-take 10,000 years in the wrap.  (maybe less since time gets all funky in there)

The standards are sort of centerpieces in the squad.  Everyone that has seen the army comments on them, after the dreadnought/terminators/deamon prince thunderwolf calv.  I have another that is almost done and they'll all have simple icons like this one.  In prospero burns, they very briefly talked about the tribal warring on Fenris.  When ships would sail they flew different colors for different purposes.  Black was the most insidious signifying that they were going to slaughter your village, every man, woman and child.  I took that theme into the banners.  Its a small detail hardly anyone will notice, but it warms my heart.

 This is obviously a flamer from the dreadnought.  I like it better because it fits a proportion.  Also its a little different than what you normally see.  Let me know what you guys think.

Hope you guys enjoy the work so far.  Questions and comments are always welcome!  Thanks for following the progress of the 13th company and be sure to find us at adepticon this year!


  1. I'm a huge 13th company guy, first is tht post legion colors thr painted in? Codex grey ftw. Also does ur army field any armour? I love throwing 50 plus frothing at the mouth wild animals at anything and everyone. For the all father and for Russ!

  2. Its shadow grey heavy dry brush over black then with a very very light space wolf grey dry brush over that; Its not powder blue, which I couldn't stand.

    If I'm playing to win...or just playing normal pick up games...I field all the stuff normal 13th wouldn't have, which include a drop pod dread if I'm feeling frisky. Bikes, speeders, rhinos, razorbacks, landraider, dreadnought, logan/nijal.

    I'm mostly into 13th because I like the crossing of chaos parts into loyalists, which means I can pseudo play chaos without it being counts(and thus drawing counts-as hate..which I have no idea why that even exists). Also, I like making werewolves. I have an extra special wulfen model I'm working on currently that should give everyone a good 13th company chubby.

    But as far as true 13th goes, I have the models to run a foot horde, it just gets slaughtered by everything and anything. Putting down that many boots still just isn't enough in this current meta.

  3. I agree man, but it is fun. I Hav about 2.5k full fluff 13th company. Adept battle grey black ink washed with drybrushed codex grey. I admit I lose more than I win but its fun nonetheless, I really do enjoy ur conversions.

  4. They look really nice, very good mix up of the different parts and thoroughly nice paint jobs.

  5. I didn't notice but after looking back at the pictures I noticed the flash did its 'hotness' to the color. A better idea of the base coat is seen on the other WIP stuff I posted. These guys look almost enchanted blue, which they are FAR from. In the next update I'll try and get a truer color in the pictures.

    Thanks for the replies, posts like that are ones that keep people going on their projects. I really appreciate the support from our readers. You guys rock, even if you're not commenting I know you're there (because I stalk the page views)!