Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Want Your Opinion: DFG Belongs to Our Readers!

Old School here and much like the zombie Uncle Sam in the image above, we wan to pick your brain. We have been chugging along for about four years now and have grown into a monstrous blog we never imagined (but we are happily surprised!) when this whole thing began.

With that being said, every once and a while, we would like to ask what you guys want. Well ... what would you like to see?
Let's face it, we have had our share of tacticas ... and when Chaos comes back around, you will likely see more, but we have always been more of a hobby blog. We have in our tabs above, some of the best work we have ever presented as a collective of writers and hobbyists. Additionally, we have tried our best to keep up with GW alternative products to help folks purchase great looking stuff that GW for one reason or another has never made. We have also gone above and beyond to recognise the work of others. While we have never maintained a top 10 (Ron's was way too sacred to encroach on back in the day), we have used features like It Came from the Forums and  Blogs of Note to highlight the work of others (we even had an artist of the week a few years ago).

We have also offered tutorials and challenges and contests and while we have built a respectable 604 followers doing what we do, I feel like there may be more that we can offer.

So what would you like to see more of? Personally, I think we have been slacking on tuts, especially as we have grown a lot over the last year in terms of all things hobby. I am trying to remedy that with an upcoming "This is How You Use Powders" tut, which naturally leads to the "Varnish is your Friend" tut and the "Resin Sand Medium is a Painter's Auto Include" tut ... but I digress, this isn't about me; it's about the 604 people who follow us - so what do you like? Tutorials, It Came from the Forums type stuff, Rumors? What would you like to more of or less of?

We are standing by for your thoughts!


  1. Eh, don't try to force anything, it will come across that way. You have a number of good authors, just post what you want to post. Put up what you're working on, what you're thinking about, etc. and let it flow naturally.

  2. I enjoy what I read.. I like tutorials, and your from the forums is always an awesome glimpse at some of the great stuff not in the blogosphere.

  3. I wouldn't change a thing; this is one of the few blogs that I read pretty much every single article from, regardless of author. I do happen to be pretty fond of tacticas and the few references to gameplay now and then (the dakkatyrant vs. dakkafex for example) though. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Oh we aren't trying to force anything. We deeply appreciate the great folks we have reading and interacting here ... and we are no fools when it comes to the fact that we regularly post good quality articles. We just simply want to see if there is something here that we are missing or could do better.

  5. One thing I really enjoy with the blog is that it's really a collection or bloggers on one page. It gives it more diversity and quite frankly more quality. If you could bring more into the fold over time the blog would get even better.

    It becomes more like a magazine than a blog when it grows. And I don't have to hunt down a bunch of little blogs that goes in and out (like my own:)).

  6. I think you guys do a great job, but I will never say no to more tutorials and to product introductions. I am always wanting to learn new tricks, find a better way to do stuff or learn of some cool new product!

  7. I think You should add SeerK to your authors and let him plug his blog more :-)

    Seriously though I think you have a good formula so don't try and fix what isn't broken. I think expanding even more into fantasy is good. Taking a break from 40K once in a while is a good thing and keeps it fresh. Maybe get Vogrin to put up some war machine and expand into other games.

    I know heretic talk, but when ya get big ya gotta diversify