Monday, November 28, 2011

13th company Thunder Wolves WIP 2

Finished doing the GS work on the second one today.  After giving the first one the hobby shop test, I found it was a pretty boring stance.  So, I went more dynamic with the new one.

First some updates on #1's paint.  The skin still needs the full range of blending, but the rest is mostly done.

For the new one, its my shield/melta bomb cheaty wound allocation model.

Hope you enjoy the conversion work.  The fur tutorial is in the works so keep checking back!  Let me know what you guys think of #2.


  1. Great job. I like the Werewolf look and great rhino doors for shields. Looks awesome.

  2. Fantastic!
    Very reminiscent of the old 13th Company in the Eye of Terror Book!

  3. Spectacular work - The newest one is terrifying!

  4. Now we are cooking! The savage pose is incredible and embodies everything I would imagine in a giant gene enhanced werewolf. The meltabombs are a nice touch and speak to the cunning that lies beyond the beast's appearance. Well done ... Now, go make more! *whip crack*

  5. I got two more prince kits sitting in the basement right now. Don't you worry, I'm on it. If you have any fresh ideas on pose or for a shield or weapon let me know.

  6. Also, my favorite pat-myself-on-the-back part of this model is that the door isn't facing out like I've seen before with things that use rhino/landraider door shields. Its facing in, like he punched through, grabbed and ripped out. He didn't take the time to turn it around and show the world, oh no, he was busy slaughtering those juicy tsons inside.

    In the side profile of his right side (6th from the bottom) I see him looking inside the rhino who's door he just removed and the occupants scrambling to get the other side door open and escape.

  7. This is great conversion, but (for my purpose) would be awsome to give them proper wolf heads. Some companies make TW Cavalry resin models using separate heads (like Micro Art or Paulson), and maybe it is possible to buy few heads from them... Damn, I have to try sculpting such fur like yours...

  8. Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone. I'm really looking forward to having these all done and you should be able to see them in person at adepticon for those that are going.

    Magiler- I ordered some chaos warhounds because I agree with what you're selling. I'm trying to make the unit as a whole look transitioning, so one that is more man than wolf, one that is wolf posed with a human face, and then the next two will be another mix, except they'll have the wolf heads. I think it'll work out when the unit gets all put next to each other.

    Magilla- Thanks for reading the blog! I'm glad that the 13th feel comes through. I was around when EoT came out and 13th was pretty sweet. I just wish I picked up a hundred of those metal wulfen boxes when they were like 10$ each. I'd love to get my hand on some that aren't $90+ for 5.

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