Friday, November 25, 2011

Warriors of Chaos Battle Standard Bearer

Happy Holidays to everyone to start with and second just bringing you some photos of a piece I finished on Thanksgiving while Vegetating. So most of you will notice that this is not a GW piece and that is correct. I purchased this model a long time ago when i first started playing fantasy and he has sat in my collection of Chaos stuff since then. I liked the simple look of the Sculpt and decided to Chaos him up a bit and use him as my BSB since he seems like the kind of Viking bad ass that would be in charge of all the Marauders in my army. So off to the bitz box and a little while later i had this massive banner complete and a Semi dead body for my champ to be toting around in the name of the dark gods.

For painting I knew I wanted to have a almost tribal barbaric feel to the banner since the Champ looks more like a Marauder than your stereotypical Chaos warrior. So what screams Chaos quite well? I would have to say a giant banner made of flesh and daubed with copious amounts of blood and it just so happens that lately I have also been experimenting with different reds and substances to mix for a more realistic blood tone. So here i am haphazardly smearing symbols runes and even nasty hand prints onto my banner. At first I did not like how sloppy it appeared but the more I added and thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a bunch of random lunatics, tribal shamans and whoever else just smearing symbols to the dark gods on this fleshy canvas! The champion himself was a pretty standard paint job with a lot of flesh and furs. So there's the quick down and dirty! Be sure to enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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