Friday, November 25, 2011

13th Company Thunder Wolves WIP 1

After stealing an idea that OST told me about during his 'ard boys semifinals experience, I made the first of my thunderwolves.  

Based on the demon prince kit, I loved the idea of giant wulfen at thunderwolf cavalry for the 13th company.  Its fun to make and I can wait to make the rest of them.

Frost weapon/storm shield build. 


  1. Great werwwolf sculpt! And a nice idea by the way. Will you do the other Thunderwolves on the same base, i.e. a plastic Daemon Prince?

  2. Stempe-

    Yeah, I do. I think I'll end up doing something different because when I look at him, I see a giant gorilla and not so much a giant wolf. I think a more wolf face would go a long way.

  3. uh...yeah I do means yes I do plan on doing more. I think I'll end up with 5 or 6 total. I'm trying to figure out how to stretch the prince kit because of costs and I think if buy legs and a torso on ebay I can get 2-3 wolves out of one kit. However I really don't like the giant powerfist looking hand for these models so I might just end up selling off the spare bits to control the costs.

  4. Seriously killer centerpiece unit for the army... as if the rest of it won't look as good, though. Awesome Fur sculpting as well! How'd you pull that texture off?

    This is what you'll be bringing to Adepticon next year?

  5. Is that the normal Daemon Prince head on your model?

    I would love to see more pictures of the shield, and are you thinking of doing Thunder Hammer, and/or Power Fists, and do you have any ideas of how you are going to make those?

    I have been looking for some Thunder Wolf models for a long time, but I'm not very happy with the aternative sculpts out there, and I'm less impressed with the costs. At least if I buy GW, I can either a) get free shipping, or b) get them cheaper from online stores.

  6. I told you to use the chaos warhound upper half as a head. It looks great, but could have been much more wolflike.

    Nice work on the rhino door. I was wondering how you were going to do that.

  7. Looking Nice loving the rhino door shield. Just a heads up not sure how large you want each of them to be but i know of some awesome looking Wulfen you might be able to find on Ebay for the cheap. They are out of print and i believe pewter but the sculpts are pretty nice.

  8. Tim- I have a pretty simple fur tutorial that more than likely needs update. I think I can whip something up for the blog, its actually really simple to do fur with the right tool. The reason I haven't produced a youtube video in forever is because the laptop I use for editing crapped out and had my *cough* bootleg *cough* copy of sony vega on it. I'll try to get something together though in the near future.

    And yes, this will be my adepticon stuff.

    Student- I think I'll end up doing a thunderhammer. I like to run a lord with either a frost weapon and saga of the warrior or a thunderhammer and saga of the bear. Mostly because I like the theme of running the those weapon/saga combos. But I do like the thunderhammer/bear combo for running down dreads and monsterous creatures/SC. However, I always feel like a weapon that makes you swing at I1 on a space marine with higher than I4 (because we have so few) really wastes that opportunity. If anything I'd have the lord with the frost weapon (some have suggests a wolf claw, but I'm not sold) and then the special weapon in the thunder wolf unit as a thunderhammer since it's I4 and not a waste of that.

    I don't really have any idea of how I'm going to make them but as far as a fist goes, the daemon prince kit comes with two fists that would work fine. For the hammer I'd scuplt something similar to the one I did for the salamander dread siege hammer, except more wolf theme.

    And yes that is one of the regular prince heads except with the top vent piece that was left over from the helmet and the horns coming from the sides.

    OST- Though to others it might sound like you're almost trolling, I want to make it clear that I value yours (and most other) criticism. I agree that I need to do something about the face and will find something. The dire wolf heads sell for super cheap on ebay so I'm sure I'll end up with them and some regular wolf heads for variety. I can just say that for this one it's mid mutation..uh...I mean helix expression.

    I have the arm on the second one punching through a door that is bent out and is instead ripped off the hinges.

    Wolfson- Are you talking about the old pewter GW mark of the wulfen? If you can find them for less than like $45 I'd be really interested, but all I've ever seen on ebay for them is like $90+ The sculpts are awesome and I'd love to have another set of wulfen so that I can run a themed list with more marked guys.

    Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad its going over well as I was pretty worried it looked more gorilla than wolf. I think with the use of a dire wolf head it'll come together perfectly.

    As a side note I have 5 wolves from mythicast that I'm looking to sell at cost (73$). the reason I'm looking for cost is because the riders are fully built and magnetized for different weapon builds. Here are some pics if anyone is interested.

  9. Glad you smelled what I was cooking. The chose wolves come in halves. You have to put them together and sever the head. Make sure you get them and not dire wolves or you will he very dissapointed.

  10. Im Actually speaking of some of the old Rackham pewter minis not the pre painted crap that was turned out before they went out of business. I own a few of their wolfen and i love the sculpts in particular just google Image Rackham Wolfen Varghar. I have seen this model on ebay still for cheap like 10$ tops. It is decently large and although pewter the pose is pretty bad ass and the weapon should be an easy swap if you wish to change it.

  11. Looks like you had enough of Old School Terminator hogging all the lime light in my weekly themed top x "Sunday Best". I hope you don;t mind me giving you a shout out on my blog.