Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms Slaughter Master Painted and Ready for War!

Old School here with more from the Ogre Kingdoms army I am working on for the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy League I have joined. The new addition to the force is the near "Auto-Include" Lord choice, the Slaughter Master (or butcher for those of you just taking a dispel scroll caddy! This model reminded me of the Iron Blaster in many ways with all the various textures and aspects, but it was much more fun to work on. Let's take a look at some photos I took and go over the basic paint job.

The model itself, I think, bears its age compared to the new sculpts and while I am happy with how I presented the character in the end, the sculpt could really use an update. That being said, making your own butcher or slaughter master is completely possible with green stuff and a little talent, but the actual model comes with some pretty nice parts too that would likely be missed in a DIY job. The resin kit came with several head options (most of which are pretty Goonies-esque) and several arms, but the kit also comes with tons of little character parts - enough, in fact, for me to use on a butcher conversion I will likely make later to be my Beast Lore secondary caster. Anyway, I like having access to the detailed ribs, Gnoblars chained up for potential meals and other, more gruesome pieces like the half eaten people I have hung all over the model.

This guys is a hot mess! He is fat even by Ogre standards, peg legged (he must have eaten it!), has an iron gobbo chained to his face for some reason and for some reason has pierced his flesh with bones and hooks! For starters, I primed this and all my Ogres using Valspar Grey Primer, available at Lowes. I then based the flesh in Tallarn Flesh, which was then washed in Ogre Flesh heavily, followed by a selective re-basing of 50/50 Tallarn/ Dwarven Flesh, which was given a final highlight of Elven Flesh/ Dwarven Flesh.

His Apron is Astronomicon Grey, highlighted with Bleached bone and touched on the edges with skull white. The blood on the apron is my blood mix which is 4:2:1 Baal Red: Gore Red: Chaos Black. For the apron, I mixed the blood mix 75/25 with glaze medium so that when the varnish hit it, it would look soaked in.

The meat and scars were also painted with the blood mix. The open wound above the chain had a glaze of warlock purple over it to look bruised. The glaze practically had no purple in it so that what was left was a haze of purple to leave the bruised look. His low-rise jeans (he is stylish) were painted in Mordian Blue and then given subsequent highlights of ever more mixed Regal Blue/Bleached bone.

I love the chained up Gnoblar. There was another one in the kit which is supposed to be on a base and chained to the butcher, but I plan to use that in the future on another model. Just as I prefer the flesh tone look of the new Ogres, I think it is time for the Gnoblar to embrace their Goblin heritage and go green, so I started with Gnarloc Green and worked up to Goblin and Snot green. The Kraken tat was painted in the same method as the bulls I posted a week or two ago.

The base of the model is made from cork and flocked with a sand mix I made from varying sizes of sand ranging from sand I took from my kids sand box, to fancey stuff available at Micheals or Hobby Lobby. I glue this all to the base BEFORE priming and then paint it. The sand is simply Calthan brown, washed in delvan mud and highlighted with a dry brush of Bleached bone and the Cork is Adeptus Battle Grey, washed badab black and highlighted with .... you guessed it, bleached bone. The flock is the Gale Force Nice Dead Grass.

The flesh on the dead body parts was painted Tallarn Flesh, drybrushed Bleached Bone, washed with a light Leviathan Purple and then re-dry brushed with Bleached bone very lightly. The rust effect on the weapon come from a base coat of Boltgun Metal with stippling of Calthan Brown, followed by another stippling of Vermin Brown, which is then washed in Gryphonne Sepia. After it all dries, I hit the edges with jagged stripes of Chainmail to make it look like the rust has been broken off only by the striking of armor and flesh! The same effect was used on the Iron gobbo jaw.

Well, that is it, some of you may have noticed that he had a nipple torn, bit or chopped off (once again, he probably ate it!). This was due to me being a little crazy when I was removing mold lines and bumps from the model when I first got it. The other one was painted just be dabbing a drop of Leviathan Purple on the nipple. Oh yeah and the bags on his eyes were added with watered down Leviathan Purple as well.

This model was pretty fun to paint and I hope to put him on the field when the league hits the 1000 point mark. I also hope the OK FAQ gets dropped soon so we all can finally rest easy with whether or not the model can wear magic armor. In any case, I will keep you posted as I work through the rest of the Ogres in hopes of only fielding painted armies throughout the League matches, so keep your eye out for the Fire Belly I need to paint for the upcoming 500 point scenario. As always, let me know what you think!


  1. Man he is a beast. I can't wait to make his head implode with my high magic :-)

  2. Sadly that will never happen as your wizard will be taking a trip down my gullet on his magical transformation from high elf to ogre poop.

  3. You should probably warn anyone playing against you not to each lunch before or while viewing this figure. He is gruesome, in a truly excellent way.