Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms Update: Bulls, Fluff and updated pics!

Old School here with an update on my Ogre Kingdoms army! I have rocked out a group of Ogres (bulls for the old school OK players). I have also re-photographed a collection of Ogre stuff I already have done, now that I have access to a big boy camera!

Up top is 2/3 of my command group and a random Ogre. The banner is still in the works. I went pretty standard with the champ and I may replace him or just make another champ and save him for the games where I have two units of Ogres in play. The bellower is really my favorite ogre so far, while the guy on the right is pretty high up in my ogre book too.

The blue you see tatooed on them is supposed to be their tribal symbol. I decided that I liked the bright blue color on them for contrast and that the Kraken is a classic symbol and has tons of possibilities as a tattoo. The problem photo wise is that the Kraken comes out a little hot under the lights, even with a healthy amount of Matte covering it. In any case, they are called "The Ice Krakens" and they are a mighty tribe of ogres who hail from a ring of mountains surrounding a frozen lake. The valley hold significant religeous value to the tribe as the ring of mountains looks like a great tooth-filled maw and the lake is like a bottomless gullet. When winter comes, the ogres use the ice covering the lake as a means to travel between tribal camps easier. They trade warbeasts and tools, tell tales and have huge feast and eating contests.

One winter, Great Ulgrung Mammoth Eater, the mightiest Tyrant the tribe had ever known, was among those crossing the frozen lake. He was known for his might and was said to have slain an Ork Warboss, ate his boar and then drank the entire supply of Bugman's XXXXXX Brew the tribe had plundered from the Orks. Anyway, such a mighty Tyrant was thought invincible until one day, during a lake-crossing, the ice broke and a mighty Kraken spilled itself up into the frozen air!

It was said that the Mammoth Eater fought the Kraken longer than any of his Bruisers, despite the immense size of the beast! The beast finally managed to swallow old Mammoth Eater, but not before it had also eaten an Ironblaster, four bruisers, two mournfangs and a small herd of rhinox! While the ogres always respected their old Tyrant, they respected the mighty appetite of the Kraken even more and such a creature must surely be a sign of blessing from the Great Maw! So it was from that day that the tribe would be known as the Ice Krakens!

My favorite ogre, as I said earlier is the Bellower. His tats, posing and paintjob just seemed to come together and I am really happy with how he came out, from his yellow teeth to his blood spatter!

For some reason, I didn't get a good front shot of these guys, but here is a good back and side view of a few other ogres that are finished.

And now we get into the stuff you have seen before, but now I just have better pics of them. First up the leadbelchers ...

Next, the Iron Blaster! This thing was a serious beast to paint!

I am pretty happy with how the Ogres are coming along so far and will soon complete the paintjob on my slaughtermaster. I also have a Bruiser BSB in the works (a very crazy conversion) as well an a Firebelly. My Ironguts are also in the final stages of paint! So, expect more Ogres in the future. I think I might throw them down at Adepticon just for the fun of running a completely painted Ogre force!

Let me know what you think!


  1. Looking absolutely great. I still haven't faced Ogres in 8th edition! We have to set something up.

  2. For sure. I wouldn't consider myself a Fantasy guru by any stretch of the imagination. I could use the experience ... Even though I am sure it involves rats hurting me in ways Richard Gere couldn't dream up!

  3. I consider myself a fantasy Ludacris. Whats your fantasy?