Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End of Days Reminder! Nov. 5th Heads will Roll!

Old School here with a friendly reminder that the 2nd Annual End of Days Special Rules Doubles Tournament will be held this weekend, Nov. 5th! If you haven't already, grab a partner, your armies ... and a few random models from other armies! Also, catch the Mission & rules link below:

For more information and for a consolidated source of FAQ information and rules, click THIS LINK. Remember that the FAQs, missions and the initial rules post are all Hard Rules, not suggestions and above all else, remember that this is a fun tourney designed to create the kind of gaming situations people tell stories about for years. I still hear great stories about last year's event and have only brought it back due to the positive response and multiple requests we have recieved. Let's keep it positive and let the blood flow!

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