Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CVinton: Stuff for Sale!

I've never really tried to sell anything from the blog, but I'm trying to clear out some stuff that doesn't see much play from me.  Mostly IG, but I have a couple space marine things too.  I'll give it about a week up here before I put it on eBay, where I imagine it'll be more expensive. :)

All shipping to the US is $5 no matter how much you get.  Over seas might get pricey because I have to ship it priority to get insurance.  If you see anything you like email me or post here.  
I take Paypal.

 Fine Cast Abaddon- $12
 Drop pods:  They're all the same, they have the space wolves symbols on them but they were carefully, lightly glued on so can be easily removed and there is no glue squishing from under them.  The doors are glued shut.  They were airbrushed gold and I primed over that, but there is very little if any obscuring detail...not that drop pods have much to obscure...

$20 ea.
Preheresy pred.  WYSIWYG.  It needs a little love but for the most part is in good shape for how bad these models were to assemble.  Included is a handful of old bits too.

 Psyker battle squad with overlord.  $30
Vets with shotguns.  one guy lost a gun that for the life of me I can't find.  No biggie because you should only need 6 for a squad.  They have mixed catachan heads and have the rebreather masks on from the CCS box.
Chaos lord with a jump pack
 Bone 'ead.  $10

Ogryn  $10
The Following sales have numbers next to the multiple items.  If you are purchasing one, please be sure to indicate which one.  If you have any questions please ask so there are no mix ups.

Weapons teams.  They're magnetized and though its not pictured, they include the autocannon, heavy bolter and lascannon.  The lascannon doesn't have the power pack and the bolter has the ammo box glued to the gun instead on a string of bullets from the box.  The heavy bolter has the plate piece attached to it.
$8 ea
  $10 ea
 Sentinels.  Magnetized to include what you see: multi laser, auto cannon, chainsaw, flamer and tank, plasma cannon, missile launcher and las cannon.
$10 ea

$25 ea

#1-  $20
#2- $25

Here an addition per request of how the teams are magnetized.  


  1. I'll take the Shotgun vets. I need a 2nd squad :)

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  3. Is it possible to see how the magnetization works on the heavy weapons teams ?

  4. I'll put up pics in an hourish for that. basically, there is a 1/8 magnet in the handle part on the gunner, then where you would be gluing that to the gun. Some have magnets on the tripod and gun where they connect, and some don't. A few of my first teams I went a little crazy with the magnets but then realized that wasn't necessary.

    Vogrin- Will you be up to evo wednesday or today? I can drop sometime today or later Wednesday after the wife gets home.

  5. Sentinel 2 and 3 out as well as the PBS

  6. Chimeras, sent 2 and 3, PBS and vets sold.

  7. I'm going to be in on Wednesday, I can see you then.

  8. Holy Shit! I didn't expect this stuff to move that fast!

  9. Dibs on the Ogryn, e-mail incoming.

  10. Ogryns, PBS, Chimeras, Sentinel 2&3, vets gone. Someone somewhere asked me about the lord, its still available. email me at csvinton@gmail.com