Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dec. 3rd Tournament: Emperor’s Ascension Day!

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Emperor’s Ascension Day
Saturday, December 3rd

On December 3rd every year the imperium of man celebrates the Ascension of the emperor to the golden throne. This holiest of days is celebrated with much feasting in the emperor’s honor along with the prayer of forgiveness of sins and trespasses against him. If the imperium is ever in a state of war it  will always seek a cease-fire and a day of peace on this holy day to properly observe the feast of the Emperor’s ascension. Only this year there is no cease-fire, there is no peace, there is no goodwill to man, there is only war.

Where: Titan Entertainment Café located at 669 Capital Ave SW. Battle Creek, MI

Time: sign up starts at 11:00 AM, dice hit the table at 12:00 AM

The tournament will be three rounds, use standard force org, and have a 1500 point limit. No Painting requirements just WYSIWYG. Missions will be available at the store and forums. Entry Fee is $10. For more information or to reserve a spot visit our forums at
Or call (269) 963-3773

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