Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where Do You Stand on Codex: Necrons?

Alright, so we have already seen the pics by now and everyone is gearing up for what looks like an epic release. I am sure current Necron players are doing a special happy dance, but what about the rest of us? What do we think about several of the factors that will play into this release ...
Question 1: Do these new models look cool enough that you will buy them OR are you waiting for the rules (neither is also an option)?
My opinion: Honestly, I don't care about the rules, if the models suck, I'm just not buying an army. These seem cool, but I am just not a Necron guy, so they don't really sing to me, even though the models do. I may take up a special commission just to paint a few.

Question 2: Will this xenos race have the tools needed to compete in a world of Uber Power Armor Vehicle Spam Madness or are they doomed to mediocrity from the start?
This is a fairly good question for any of us who have bought into an army and then had the rules smack us on the dingle (Thorpe's Chaos, Cruddance's Nids, Jervis's Dark Angels). Right now, what little rumors we have are contradicting each other ... I really don't know what to make of it.

Question 3: Is GW's new policy on rumor control actually counter productive?
This is something I question because for the last few years, I have gotten ramped up an excited for the next big release due to the rumor mill, even if it is an army I don't play and no matter how much salt was needed to swallow those rumors. Let's face it, rumors build hype and hype is exciting, even if that's all there is. Personally, I just feel like there hasn't been too much excitement 40k-wise lately and maybe a rumor or two could lighten things up?

What new Necron unit are you the most excited to see (or even which one do you never want to see)?
Personally, I am excited to see the vehicles as I am really just curious about how they are going to work. I am also really interested in the actual codex because I want to see how the fluff has been reworked as it seems there has been some extensive changes to the lore we know about the crons already. Hopefully, Ward didn't throw in some kind of Necrofist or some other nonsense!

That's all I have for now, as always, we value thoughtful comments and opinions. Be on the look out for some extensive fantasy posting and maybe even some news about a Bad Moon rising over Lansing, MI soon!


  1. I think the new policy is going to hurt them in the long run. The rumor mill built up hype and it was free marketing and advertisement. Now we see there has been no word, not even in white dwarf the month before a release. You usually see a teaser 2 months before, then actual info the month before advertising the pre release then an issue dedicated to the new models.

    This is going to hurt sales. people start saving for new stuff months out when they see rumor stuff and teasers. if they are going to put a kaibosh on leaks then at least start advertising and teasers a few months out.

  2. I don't like the new stuff at all ... and my very first 40K army was necrons (which I just sold this past summer). I think the new look is rather blah ... a little too over the top and cartoony and far from the existing necron stuff that really didn't need to be fully re-done. They made the new lords way to chunky with too much extra crap on them. Going from a single vehicle to a bunch of really odd looking stuff that doesn't match anything. A ton of new odd units, etc. etc. I don't like it ... its a huge revamp that was needed but it looks like its going in a direction I personally don't like. So I won't be tempted to get back into Necrons ... really a good thing for me honestly. I don't begrudge anyone who likes the new stuff ... certainly it looks like there is going to be a TON of new stuff far more than I had heard there was going to be. Rumor mill seems to have kinda missed on this one. So if your happy and excited ... good for you ... I see your perspective, it just isn't mine personally.

  3. Great looking models. I like the direction they are going with the new necron line. However not knowing any rules, points cost or what the models are made of(finecast or plastic) I feel is going to hurt sales alot. Its hard to get people hyped up about a new release with just knowing the codex that's coming next. I think that gw has made a huge mistake with their new policy on previews

  4. I love the new models, especiallly the vehicles! That Ghost Ark is freakin' sweet! For me, these models are right up there with the new DE models (or slightly under them!)

    As for the rules: i'll be waiting for the Codex before i do anything else. I'm really interested to see what they've done with the background fluff!

    I've never been a Necron player, but i think this is definately an army that i will buy!

  5. My excitment for a new codex drop has always been around the rumors. Its sort of what like 35% of the reason I check the blogs is for. Now really thats gone. There is no hype, or juicy tidbits to just make you fiend for the codex. GW i think has an inherent racism for xenos. All the power armor stuff I was able to find a leaked codex before it released, but not necrons. Shit, they even had the GK beta codex leaked...I had never seen anything like that.

    I'll pick up the codex, just to have, but as for a whole army I doubt it. I just bought into the wolves and am pretty happy with them. I want to see how deep the choices go and I hope they get a juxtaposition from the old codex of very few options to the new codex of a crazy-balls amount of options. (yeah, 10$ word). I think with all the GK love it'll be hard to get kids to put down their toys for these new ones without the codex being pretty fun and exciting. GK were like the second coming of jesus for loyalists, so hopefully necrons can follow that.

  6. One of my biggest complaints about necrons (they were my first 40k army) was the total lack of vehicles. The monolith is a monster and while pretty cool, it just wasn't as satisfying to play the army. Necrons are a bunch of skeletons stuck to different lower halves or different shoulders.
    These new vehicles are stylized, REALLY cool looking, and a needed addition to the army as far as I'm concerned. Necrons had so few units, that every necron army pretty much looks the same (monolith, two troop units, pariahs, wraiths, the lord, and your destroyers. you don't need anything else to sweep the board). hell, they had ONE troops choice, even if it is for fluff reasons. while I really hope they don't nerf the monolith in order to justify needing new vehicles, the variety is much appreciated. Still depends on the rules/purposes for the vehicles though. Any leaks of new troop units?

  7. I agree... The containment policy they have on the rumors is going to hurt them. I am an avid Necron player, and I know next to nothing of what to expect! I keep checking GW's page for advance orders, and here it is less than a month to their release, and they got nothing up... The rules rumors don't make much sense right now, and it's mostly 3rd hand knowledge.

    Either way, I'm excited for the new Necron models. More troops and models for that army is good. We shall see what the codex reveals...