Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vampire Counts Work in Progress

Hey guys its Wolfson and im here to bring you an add on to Old Schools visit last weekend. OST has been furiously working on and gaming with his Ogres lately. He has had me as his opponent for all of these games and since i have a large fantasy collection he has had a chance to experience most of what is out there. My first army however and one i could never get rid of is my Vampire Counts. The recent visits from OST have driven me to update the models on this classic army and update some of the paint i had thrown down a long time ago.

First off any Vampire worth staking in this edition will tell you Grave Guard with great Weapons are worth every point you pay. I decided to start the updating by adding a huge unit at least 40 to my army. This could have been incredibly expensive but i raided my rather large fantasy bitz box and ended up with a ton of additional Empire and even some high elf models i could turn into Grave Guard. Here are some pics of portions of the unit.

I see a lot of VC armies that are either red or cold ghostly colors so i decided to go with purples for the Grave Guard as its still contrasts bone really well and plays on the the Vampire theme of vanity due to purple being a royal color.

Here you should be able to see some good examples of the bitz box hard at work as these are Isle of Blood Sword Masters. Sorry Seer K.

My Unit Champion is a mix of Empire Great Sword Command bits and the normal Grave Guard Kit.
Following the same theme of mixing in a lot of Empire stuff i built my Wight King out of a Empire command sprew i had and some Grave Guard bitz.

Finally one of my Favorite Models in the range has to be Vlad Von Carstein and even if i don't field him as Vlad i will still be using the model as my Lord as its such an awesome piece

Well that is all i have so far. Let me know what you guys think as all of this stuff is WIP and any input would help. Thanks and keep gaming!


  1. I really like the High Elf to Grave Guard conversions. Very unique.

  2. Vlad looks excellent mate. I'm looking at starting some Vampire Count's and this is tempting me more.

  3. Thanks for the complements guys!