Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Lew-B81's Ogre and Chaos Conversions!

In this edition of It Came from the Forums, for the first time in this blog's history, we will be looking at Fantasy  and Blood Bowl exclusively! The artist, known as Lew-B81 on Warseer, has already been featured on GW's blog and in several other places in the blogosphere, but I really want to take this chance to look at the broad sweep of his Fantasy and Blood Bowl work, so let's start with my favorite: Ogre Kingdoms.
Up top we have a large assembly of his completed Ogre work, which is impressive alone, never mind the fact that each model is a stand alone conversion!

One of the first times I saw this artist's work was when I saw this Araby themed Butcher. The pose and the vast amount of green stuff work are flawless and the paint job is very nice.  One of my favorite things about the Ogre Kingdoms is the fluff about how they take on the cultures of the places they travel, which will become quite comical as we go down through this army. If you need to see these images larger, just click on them to open them up.

These first three Man Eaters are incredible. They represent the Wood Elf, Skaven and the Tomb Kings cultures and are each an incredible centerpiece style model! The Gnoblars are hilarious touches that really add to the already characterful conversions. I also think this group really shows off the diversity of the Warhammer World as well. In just three models, we travel from the ancient undead to steampunk to primordial druids.

Even the Iron Guts in this army are well travelled, representing Orc, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf and Lizard Men cultures. I especially like the Chaos Dwarf one as it reflects a popular image from the artwork.

Once again, the devil is in the details as we see here with the slayer Gnoblar from the Dwarf base trying to kill the HobGnoblar from the Chaos Dwarf base!

Next up are the Chaos Man Eaters, each representing a different Chaos god. The beastly Khorne Ogre, The Blue Horror Ogre bursting from the chest of a regular ogre, the slaaneshi ogre with his mask and disgusting plague ogre of Nurgle. For more pics of these, follow the link at the end of this post and cruise through the thread.

These works in progress are very impressive, including the witch hunter Ogre, the Zombie (I would have guessed a vampire would have shown up, but zombies are cool too) and the Blood Bowl Ogre.

Let's not forget the Priest Ogre!

What's this? A regular Maneater? Just take a look at the close up below and have a gander at the tattoos on the Ogre's chest! That takes talent!

Next Up, the Gnoblar Blood Bowl team!

These are great models with a lot of character taken from multiple kits. I wonder how hard it would be to get blood bowl started in my FLGS ....

Before we move on, I just wanted to have a look at the hilarious scrap launcher the Gnoblars have for their blood bowls team. That's one way to get the ball down the field!

Ogres and small goblinoids aren't all this artist can muster, he also owns my other favorite Chaos army, the Warriors of Chaos. These Nurgle Warriors are all converted in one way or another and all have remarkable paint jobs when you consider how much time must have gone into all that quality work.

This Nurgle giant is great and has me wondering if I could pull off an Ogre themed Giant. Since they aren't slaves in our book anymore, I would like to make on with a gutplate and a lot of Ogre attitude.

Knights are always an impressive sight, even when they are the disease infested sons of Nurgle!

Some very simple but effective Forsaken conversions made mostly from ghouls.

A glutton for punishment, Lew continues to crank out the fully converted units! These are the most Chaotic, rag tag Marauders ever (I mean this in a good way)!

Finally, I will leave you with this Nurgle Shrine, a great piece that appears simple at first, but then when you look at it, there is a lot going on. The horse comes from the sorceror of Nurgle blister and the riders (my favorite part) are dressed in black robes with those familiar masks that mark this unit in a very characterful way and really sums up my overall feelings for this artist's work; When you love your armies, it shows itself in your work.

The thread on Warseer for Lew-B81 can be found here and I encourage you to bookmark it as it will take some time to look through. There are over 100 pages of painting, sculpting and modeling images and quite a few great tutorials along the way. My hat is off to this artist! Please let him know what you think of his work.


  1. damn. I love the blood bowl team. It is so cool. Those maneater conversions are just awesome.

  2. Cool photos, I hope I can paint like this someday.... D:

  3. Unreal...thanks for doing the research and uncovering these mind blowing models. I am really into this series of your and am looking forward to the next iteration of it. Once again you have proven to have your Sunday Best on. Hope you don't mind me giving you a shoot out over at my blog for my top 3 posts of the week. Cheers and thanks for sharing.