Tuesday, October 18, 2011

End of Days FAQ 2.15

End of Days tournament FAQ

This FAQ is designed to answer some of the basic questions that have come up since the announcement of the Tournament back in May. This FAQ is designed to supplement the current FAQ rulings available on Games Workshop’s Web site and of course the codices and Big Red Rulebook! Remember that the golden rule is to have fun and to make sure both you and your opponent are having a good time.

Q. When taking the optional units from a separate codex, may I also take the unit’s dedicated transport if available? If not, then can units from different codexes ride in different vehicles?
A. No, you may not take the dedicated transport, but unless it states in the unit’s entry that they cannot ride in vehicles (lesser daemons ect.), then units may ride in any friendly transport on the field with the following exceptions:

1. Monstrous Creatures may never use a transport.
2. If the vehicle normally may only transport 25mm based models, then they may only transport those models. If a model is capable of transporting 40mm bases, then they count as two models for the purpose of transport (same as they would in a Land Raider or Ork Trukk).
3. Models with jump packs and jump infantry may only ride in transports that allow jump infantry such as the Storm Raven.
Q. “How do psychic powers work when shared across different armies? Example: Can Eldrad Uthwe cast fortune on Daemons?”

A. It is important to read your codex entry for this one as it applies not only to psychic powers, but also to other effects and powers. If your codex says in the entry for a psychic power that it can only be used on a certain army type, then that is how it will work in the End of Days. Example: Fortune in the Eldar codex states “Nominate 1 Eldar unit within 6” According to this ruling, only an Eldar unit may be targeted by and benefit from Fortune. – And no, Dark Eldar don’t count as Eldar for this purpose, nice try though!
The same goes for things like Monoliths. A monolith may only transport Necrons according to the wording of its entry – though it otherwise would function normally.
Q. What about Necrons? Can any Necron units be taken as the OTHER CODEX units and if so, wouldn’t they just phase out?
A. For the purposes of being able to field those units of Necrons and including them as viable choices in the End of Days, individual units of Necrons bought as additional units by armies fielding separate codexes will not phase out – However, armies composed of Necrons will still be subject to the phase out rule.
Q. Can terminators be transported by a Vendetta/Valkyrie?

A. No. As the rule stood in the old Imperial Guard FAQ, terminators or other 40mm base creatures may not ride in a Vendetta/Valkyrie.

Q. How loose are the rules for actual models being WYSIWYG? Can I bring heavily modified or converted models to the tourney under the condition that they count as something else? “IE, I don’t want to own any Tyranids models, but I want to run the Doom of Malan’tai. Since I am an Ork player, I wanted to run a Weirdboy instead; is this possible?”
A. The rule on stand-ins is simple. To make it easy for everyone, your stand-in model or conversion should be on the same size base and should be roughly as tall and as wide as the original model. For the example, the Doom of Malan’Tai is a form of Zoanthrope, thus your wierdboy for this tournament should be on a 40mm base and either raised up on some rocks or maybe hovering. This makes it fair and lends itself to a cool conversion idea. If all else fails, buy a zoanthrope!

The second half of this answer concerns WYSIWYG. If a model is supposed to be armed with an autocannon, but you have him armed with a missile launcher, you are violating WYSIWYG, If he is supposed to be wearing a jump pack and you have him wearing a regular pack, you are violating WYSIWYG. – However we will not be so evil as to say that grenades must be modeled AND if your codex entry gives you bolters, bolt pistols and close combat
Q. There are a number of models that do not exist right now that have rules in the GW codexes, like the Thunderwolf Cavalry, Tyrannofexes, Tervigons ect. What base size should those be?
A. Look, the purpose of this tourney is to have fun and I would hate for people to spend the whole tournament getting bent out of shape about base size and stuff like that. I can also see the point in setting a standard so that there are no shenanigans like “Hey this dire wolf on the 25mm base is a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, FEAR ME!” The key is to use common sense. Here is the baseline set of rules for some models that don’t exist:

Thunderwolf cav – bike base minimal, 60mm base max.
Tyrranofex, Tervigon, Harpy – 60mm base minimal, Large Oval Base max
Daemon Chariots – Chariot Bases period.

Q: Does the swarmlords/hive tyrants abilities work on non tyranid models that do not specify tyranid models?
A:Swarm Leader- Yes, works on any friendly unit.
Alien cunning- Yes, works on any of your teams reserves/outflank rolls.
Hive commander- Yes, works on any of your teams reserves or troop units.
Old Adversary- no, only nids as per the wording would gain the benefits.

Q:Can grand strategy from a grey knight grandmaster affect models in only the persons list who has purchased him or all models from both lists that fit his description?

A: Any unit from either list.

Q: Can retinue models be bought in addition to the extra unit slot? i.e. can the swarmlord or vect purchase a unit of tyrant guard or a court of the archon/dias of distruction?

A: No, just like they can't take their dedicated transport option.
Q: Can a model be affected by multiple psychic countering abilities? Ex: a librarian takes a psychic check within range of another librarian and a rune priest. Could both models attempt to nullify the psychic power?

A: No, hoods and rune staves don't give a double null zone; you can choose one or the other if they're both in range. Also, specifically the Aegis, combined with shadows in the warp would cause the LD penalty and the 3d6 testing, with the perils on a 12 or greater. Same applies to runes of warding.
If you had shadows in the warp, and runes of warding you would not suffer perils twice on a 12 or greater or be required to roll on 4d6. Rule of thumb should be nullifing effects do not stack to give two chances to nullify but interfering effects can overlap but still not stack penalties/benifits. (i.e. runes of warding and the aegis)
Q: Do servo skulls benefit all friendly models or only the grey knight players units? Example: daemons deepstriking near the skulls or vindicators scattering 1d6 less. Also does the reduction of the servo skulls stack with the reduction of descent of angels?

A: Yes, skulls work as described in the GK codex for any friendly unit in your team. Descent (or any other scatter reduction ability) does not stack with the skulls.
Q: Can a model with decent of angels attach to a unit that does not have it and deepstrike with them allowing them to scatter less? Example: a librarian with a jump pack deep strikes with a squad of terminators, does the squad gain the ability to scatter 1d6 less?

A: He can deep strike with them since he would gain the deepstrike rule and in order for a unit to deep strike, everyone in that unit must have the rule. Unless the entire squad is from the blood angels codex, has the descent rule, and is arriving via jump pack, they would not have a reduced scatter or rerolling failed reserve rolls.

Q: Does the sanguinors blessing extend to multiple codexes? Example intended: could a grey knight sergeant/justicar/knight of flame if selected benefit from his blessing?

A: Any unit in your force may have its 'sergeant' upgraded. Generally, whatever the most common sergeant equivalent should be used. For example: Justicar, wolfguard, Exarch, Shas'ui, or Nob are the unit types of their respective codex eligible for The Sanguinor's Blessing.
Q: If you are able to stack multiple abilities to decrease a reserve roll to below a 2+ on the second turn do the models deep striking automatically come in? Example: two grandmasters pass checks for psychic communion and the swarmlord or a hive tyrant are still alive.

A: No, you can not push better than a 2+, however you may be 2+ for multiple turns. Also, you cannot push (or be pushed) higher than 6+

Q: For the extra slot if you can't take a unit and it's transport can you take the transport and not the unit?

A: No. Can you ever just take a rhino or razorback or Blood Angels Land Raider?

Q: For the extra unit do we have to follow limitations... like death company dreadnought says I must have 5 DC first?

A: All normal rules apply. For the Deathcompany Dreadnought, you would have to have 5 Deathcompany.

Q:Can I take Blood Angels Honour Guard?

A:  For honor guard or similar units you really need to look at your codex and use common sense. Blood Angels honor guard says "You can take one unit of Honour Guard for every HQ unit in your army." So, as long as your have an HQ you could take honor guard. However, as it is in the space marine codex, "you may include one honour guard squad for every CHAPTER MASTER in your army." Therefor you would need to satisfy that.

The retinue rule was carried over from when a current codex had a retinue. Currently, I can't think of anything that is actually a retinue and follows the retinue (I'm sure someone will find one) so with thinks like retinues but not actual retinues by the rules you just need to satisfy the restriction. Like the two above mentioned. Another example is the court of the Archon. "You may include one Court of the Archon for every Archon in your amry." this would make it impossible to take as a bonus unit.

Q: If I can't buy a transport, which is a listed upgrade to the unit that happens to be a vehicle. Can I buy additional members to a squadron as they would also be an upgrade that happens to be a vehicle?

A: Yes. Two things; one, its not an upgrade, its a squad member. You can take any size squad allowable. Second, Drawing the conclusion that you can't buy the transport because its a vehicle is pretty weird. You can't buy the transport because you would get two independent bonus units out of the extra codex instead of one.

Q: Can Brother Chronos be taken? Knight Commander Pask?

A: Yes, Chronos can be an upgrade for any unit type: tank in your army.  Also, if you take a Codex: Space Marine vehicle as your extra unit, you can upgrade it with Chronos.

You may also take Pask however he is only allowed in a Leman Russ.  When you take a Leman Russ as your extra unit, you may upgrade it with Pask.

This comes down again to specific wording.  Chronos specifies only that he must be an upgrade for any 'tank'  whereas Pask must be an upgrade for any Leman Russ. I guess that is the difference between human and post-human tank commanders.

Q: With the new Necron codex dropping the day of the End of Days tournament are you going to be observing the old codex or the new one?

A: The old codex.

Q: It seems like you're only allowing one unit as a bonus.  How do units like Sangiunary Priests work?

A:  Unlike last year, units that are comprised of multiple 'copies' of an Independent Character are limited to a max size of 1 if taken as a bonus unit.  If they are taken as a part of your main force there is no restriction on them.


  1. Q: How does Mad Doc Grotsnik's ability for any unit in your army to buy cybork bodies work?

    A: Since you are two separate forces only the player who's force has Grotsnik in it can upgrade their units. This is because though you are sharing a force org, you are two separate forces bought individually and your teammates force would not have grotsnik as part of the army while he was building his list and thus not have the option of spending the points on the upgrade.

    Options like grand strategy and sanguinor's blessing work because they happen after lists are made. While you're buying units you're lists are separate.

    I took this under careful consideration and do not want to set any strange precedent about army purchases being given across the team lines.

    Lastly, the player who does take Grotsnik in either the main force or as the bonus unit could upgrade any of his units in either their main force or bonus unit.

  2. Q: How do Heralds work if taken as your extra unit in relation to the force org?

    A: Heralds are a half choice and you are allowed to fill that other half choice with another herald but as you are only allowed one bonus unit then you'd loose out on that extra half.

    If the herald is part of your main force, you can obviously still fill it with another herald. (and no, space wolf HQ's are not considered a 1/2 HQ)