Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Tip! Gaming aid for transports!

Its been a long time since I've had a good tip but I have an 'ard boyz inspired one!

Tired of you (or your opponent) loosing track of which unit is in which rhino?  Tired of your opponents army being led by David Blaine?  Me too.

Well here is your answer.  Its simple, its efficient, and your opponent will love you for it.  

While practicing for ard boyz I found myself really loosing track of what was where.  When you have 12 chimeras full of various units, its pretty easy to do!  So, I didn't want to be one of those players who's transports have magical webway portals between their transports.  So my fix to that was to have some tags.

The tags need to be durable and easily identified.  They're too easy for me to make to have to explain in detail how I did it, but basically, you can buy plasticard in strips.  Next, buy some printer labels.  Print out whatever you need to tag, cut it to stick on the strip and then cut the strip.  Viola!  Unit tags.  

Another thing I noticed while play testing that many vehicles was that I just did not have enough status markers.  So, same principle applies just with the words "STUNNED" or "IMMOBILIZED" instead.  Gale force has some cool markers but it doesn't come with enough for a big vehicle army and why buy multiple copies at like $10 each when I could just make as many as I want for just under $5?
I can't recommend these enough.  Even for people who only have a few transports, they're a huge help.  I know a lot of people out there just put a model on their rhino, but I had 100% of my opponents I've played against since I started using them say they liked the markers and appreciated them.  As well as being awesome for your opponent, they're great for yourself.  (Here's the biggest reason to use them)  They protect you from being accused of the unit your putting down not actually being in that vehicle.  
Its kind of hard for my opponent to say "Oh, I thought that chimera was the one with the demo charge in it, and not that one your getting guys out of"  when I have two tags on top of the chimera that say "Vets" and "Demo".  I hate trying to do time travel with my opponent to go back a few turns and remind him of when I said "...and 165 (I number my chimeras for reference) here has the demo charge...."  If I have the tags on I can just give him a look that says "I'm sorry you thought that."  Its easier for your opponent to argue the point if all that's on top of the chimera is a model with a melta gun.  

Its easy, its cheap, its convenient   If you have any questions, feel free to post!


  1. More players like you. I think it's respect for the opponents, let him know who is riding in which transport and indicate the condition of the vehicle.

  2. thats a great idea. I think i could make a enough to label opponents as well since I am used to placing a model on my chimeras but alot of people seem to have those teleportation devices built in.

  3. Really that's what its all about; respect. If you're reading this article and say to yourself "It's not my problem if my opponent can't keep track of what unit is where!" then you're a dick, and I hate you and more then likely everyone you play with hates you. Go play magic the gathering.

  4. Bravo all around to this article and to the strand of comments so far. Respect for your opponent is the priciple that has dwindled the most in this hobby recently. I see it everywhere, from folks not even introducing themselves like a proper human being at the beginning of a game with a stranger, to dice rolling shennanigans and simple transport forgetfulness.

    This game is about having fun - that counts for big tourneys too - and one of the quickest ways for a game to take a dive is for people to bicker over what happened to a transport in the previous turn or who was identified as being in it at the beginning of the game.

    It's simple, I have the Gale Force Nine Markers, but I am in the process of creating Dark Angels themed Markers for the Green-Wing side of the force I have in the works. Kudos to you, Chris for going the extra mile for your opponent, now hopefully, they extend the same courtesy to you as they see the example our local group is starting to set.

  5. "I hate you and more then likely everyone you play with hates you. Go play magic the gathering."

    CVinton, you're my hero for that comment right there, if not for the entire article. well played and well written, sir.

  6. I very much like the idea represented in the article, but this comments is way off base:

    "I hate you and more then likely everyone you play with hates you. Go play magic the gathering."

    It kind of sounds like you're the one being the dick there.

    Honestly, I can understand there being room for confusion when there are 25+ vehicles on the table. I played a game recently where that was the case.

    However, it is also on the opponent to respect me by playing in the best manner possible, and at least make an honest effort to keep track of things such as unit positions.

    Maybe it is the fact that I come from a CCG background, and a lot of the skill involved in some of those that I played is keeping track of cards that have entered play (some of which you only get to see attributes of when they enter play or their attributes are being used). I don't feel it's a big issue to keep track of unit positions.

    For vehicles, I have the common tendency to place dice on top of or next to the model after it receiving some sort of damage result, with the number on the dice corresponding to what conditions the vehicle is currently under. It's not quite as crystal clear as your method, but it works without any extra tools for the game. I do think I will be working up some labels, and matching the unit names to my army list.

    Great tip for us mechheads!

  7. Personally, I use my list to point out the difference.
    I only use Chimeras to transport my Guard platoon, and every squad is armed the exact same way. So I see no harm in just putting any set of models out. Except the Platoon command squad, but their Chimera has a banner GSed onto it, or its the one that has a Heavy Flamer or Autocannon on the turrent (I added the Autocannon for Apoc games. In normal games it acts like a Multi-Laser) so its real easy to point out.

    My Veterans get put inside Vendettas, and they are also armed the same way, 3 Meltas and Shotgun on the Sgt.

    That is the easiest way i can keep track of whats in what tank and not have my opponent complaining about it, because it really doesnt matter. There isint anything special in any vehicle thats not in the other.

  8. Ray,

    Sorry I you took that that way. I can understand because of type just simply being words that lack inflection. I did not intend that hate towards people who do make honest mistakes and have occasional confusion; that happens to everyone!

    What I intended was people that take advantage of the possibility that units get mixed up. People like that use that advantage are not skilled players. They are gaining advantage from unethical behaviors. They are either lying or not making an effort to improve the situation because they're afraid of loosing the advantage this admission gives them. Both of which in any professional setting would be considered unethical.

    My stab at MTG was a vague comparison to players that play 'net decks' and who play 'net lists'. As ex-player I know that a net deck is super easy to pick up and play versus a net list. I feel a win at all cost player who utilizes the above mentioned tactics would have more success picing up net decks. I have no ill feelings towards magic players, you guys generally keep the stores 40k is played at alive! You're our bread and butter.

    I've used the dice method and the figure-on-the-tank method. Both of which have problems because the items used have other uses. I always found myself picking up the dice or knocking the fig off without realizing then accidentally putting him in a squad without realizing. I really like the markers because there is no reason for me to touch them unless I'm messing with the vehicles.

    Thanks for letting me further explain myself, Ray. I always start the game with respecting my opponent and that intern gets respect. If an opponent plays loose (as far as movement, giving LoS/cover and take-back moves) then I play loose in return.

    Tim- Thanks! keep it in mind that its just plastic army men pretending to shoot other plastic army when we were 5 years old.

    OST- Respect.

  9. Death- I agree, very easy when its copy/paste squads. However, for my list I had vets with plasma, melta (with and without demo) ccs, pcs, infantry squads with grenade launchers or flamers. It got a little dicey at times. :)

  10. Too complicated for me (and the opponent for obvious reasons)

    My philosophy to list building is to keep it simple. Simple lists are, by in large, the better lists as is evident in most competitive player's lists. They always have 2 or 3 of the same unit equipped the same way and packed into transports, and 2 or 3 of another unit armed the same way.

    And most importantly it makes the game move quicker, becaues you dont have to think about what unit you put in a certain transport, and you wont get arguements from your opponent (if he/she should want to complain)

  11. Ultimately it's just about being honest with those you're across the table from, be it in a friendly game, or a national or international tournament.

    I've had the "Well you should have know blah blah blah before we started playing, not my fault" happen to me before, so I tend to be a little more fervent about that type of topic at times. A lie by omission is just as bad as the words coming out of your mouth.

    I do appreciate Ray's clarification, and your further explanation as well, though. Reinforces the respect I have for this blog and all it's writers.

  12. I have a slightly more obscure opinion on this issue... I do agree in tournaments full disclosure is good and helping keep track is important. That being said I do remember when their was no requirement to tell people what was in your transports, just like their is no requirement in fantasy to disclose magic items. I find it enjoyable if my opponent agrees to not disclose till the end of the game what is where and who has what and what is if anything is held in reserve. Just food for thought, as said I admit this doesn't work in tournaments.