Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Ogre Kingdoms Test Ogres

Old School here reporting between brutal homework sessions with what little paint I can throw down. I want to throw out a few pics of a couple of test ogres I have painted up (at least enough to post for feedback). They are simple and straight to the point.

  I wanted rusty weapons where the only clean parts are where rust has been chipped away by use.As far as warpaint goes, I discovered while reading that the average ogre is unlikely to bear tattoos and actually uses warpaint instead, which should look flat. Anyway, here are some photos of two ogres I have so far, so check them out and tell me what you think

 I wanted the one arm bloody from their pre-battle rituals (though I need some 'ard coat to make the blood look wet), and I wanted nice, even skin tones with realistic highlighting and shading without being too intense as time is an issue.

The next ogre has some blood spatter on him from his bloody club, I actually like him more than the first one presented ... though the same principles apply.

I used Hawk Turquoise as a wash for the gutplate to give it a vedrigris.

That is it for tonight, be on the lookout for some more Dark Angels coming up!


  1. they look good. The verdigris came out excellent and so did the eyes. Maybe wash the skin once more with some diluted devlan mud to catch some more detail.
    cool man
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. I like them. Very earthy in the tones. I like the gut plates, they turned out nice.

    In a related not I may just stick with high elves. Tecelis is totally the fantasy version of Eldrad, but I think he may be more baller.

  3. Looking good and yes teclis is baller at magic. Do not let him get hit by anything though he disolves like a wet paper bag in combat.

  4. My Slaughtermaster has chunks of better elves in his stool ... bring it pointy ear, be beware, my fatties are armed to the teeth with bear traps and such ... and they dislike bathing!