Thursday, September 22, 2011

New and Future Releases From MaxMini show Promise!

Old School here to walk you through some of the upcoming and currently released stuff from MaxMini that has really caught my eye. First up is the Alien Spore Pod, which is still unreleased at the moment, but has a great organic feel that speaks to the current spirit of the Tyranid Models. I think it looks great and while I know some people are not fans of the 'egg look', I think this may even tickle their fancy. Here is a video review of the kit from Youtube:

Like I said before, I think it is top notch!

For those of you who still love jump pack Marines, the upcoming Bronze Jump Pack may be what you are looking for. Personally, I tend to think all the 'heresy packs' and whatever else companies crank out are all pretty yawn-worthy, though I think the Bronze has promise for Raptors ... I'm not talking about the current Chaos Flying Sissies, I am talking about what I hope will be the return of scary raptors in the upcoming Chaos Legions book. I'll keep my fingers crossed and money in my pocket until then however!

Ah, the scrap tanks! These have been floating around the web as photos since April, but I must say that the inner ork in me is happy to see an alternative to the current SUPER EXPENSIVE grot tanks ... that and I have a soft-spot for the green skins.

And now we come to the new releases ... as I stated before, most jump packs are yawn worthy and you can find similar packs to these Iron Jump Packs all over the net. I do like MaxMini, so this may be a case where I would grab them just due to loyalty, but in general, I will hold out for Bronze and for better CSM units!

Finally, the newly released Neobrit Trencher helmets! I love the idea of trench style Guard and these heads are no exception. I'm not going to rush out and pick up a Guard army after seeing these, but I will certainly keep them in mind when a friend has a great character conversion idea for their Krieg army.

That's it for now, check out the MaxMini forum for the latest and greatest coming up from them and for their current line, check out their online store.


  1. Hi, keep up the good work ....



  2. The yet-to-be-released Jumppacks do look rather cool! Spore is ace and the heads look nice :)