Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Simple Plastic Chaplain Conversion for my Dark Angels

Old School here with a quick little post about the plastic chaplain I made for my Dark Angels. I know I am playing Death Wing right now, but that may not always be the case for the 1st Legion, so while I was waiting for the floor to dry in my room (I mopped, don't get too exited), I whipped this Chaplain together out of extra bits from the small supply I brought to Virginia from home.

The key to this conversion, which has been the running theme with my DA so far, was to keep it simple and use only what I already have on hand. I had the arm holding the Crozium left over from the Blood Angels Death Company box. It is one of the arms from the two handed thunder hammer pose. I simply too out the hammer and added a Dark Angels bit from the DA Veterans kit. I also grabbed the skull backpack, backpack icon and the robes from the vets kit as well.

You don't have to play DA to enjoy Dark Angels bits. The robed bodies are available for cheap online and if you are a Blood Angels player or a player who wants a plastic chaplain, a vet box isn't a bad investment. In fact, I was playing around with torso fronts and any one of the torso fronts added to this chaplain with a replacement Blood Angels symbol would have made this a great blood angels chaplain too.

Anyway, back to the model. I took a crozium from one of the terminator kits and just added it to the robes with a plastic rope that is also found in the vets kit. I then just went with the Chaos Marine Vehicle crew head because I love this head and find a way to work it into any power armor army I make. It work well enough to give the skull helmet vibe without me going into an extensive conversion - besides the floor was starting to dry.

Overall, I am happy with the model, though I may never use it. I would recommend something like this as an alternative to buying multiple finecast or metal chaplains, though those are great models as well.

That's it for tonight. Just a quickie! Let me know what you think! Oh, by the way, I will be up in the Glen Burnie area this weekend for anybody who wants to get a game in up that way! Just shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment if you are down.


  1. Excellent conversion work there, Very inspiring!

  2. Nice conversion and definitely food for thought when building my own DA squads.

  3. Assuming you will be at Games and Stuff or the bunker? Drop me a line at warlocke period 21 at the gee mail if you like and Ill see if I can't at least drop by if not get a game in.