Friday, September 2, 2011

New Forge World Loot

A few new bits from our good friends at

I'm loving this tech marine.  I'd pick one up and dump the beam and just put the normal servo harness on him.  The double whips is awesome and from the angel above he has a great stalking pose that says "I don't run because I don't need to."

The only thing I don't like is the conversion beamer.  It does the job of being some weird tech unique thing, but I feel like they really dropped the ball on what could have been done.  The super square backpack  just clashes with an otherwise pretty awesome pose and make the motion of the model stop dead in its tracks.
These are one of the strangest things I've seen forge world release for space marines.  I don't have a grasp on the new IA books yet so I'm not sure the rules sets these go with.  Usually weird stuff like this is strictly reserved for the Imperial Guard so I'm wondering what direction this hints at for the future.  

I'm sure there are people in the world that will think these are awesome, but my gut react is pretty 'meh'.  
This isn't anything earth shattering but I think its cool to have the opportunity to buy a cyclone missile launcher for your space wolves without having to pay high ebay costs.  This costs $12.75 to the US right now, where as on ebay they're about $17-20 plus shipping.  Its a pretty charitable move by GW to do this, because now there really is no reason to buy standard terminators.

It advertises as a missile rack for the contemptor but it seems if the head next to it is a scale comparison it'll easily go on the terminators back.


  1. Nice but not their best work and a little flash gordonish in style. If looking for cyclone missile laucher then try Iron dog studio. You may just like thier cyclone missiles launcher and check out the coolist ork biker Ive ever seen.....Akira style.

  2. I think i feel an Astral Claws army coming on!!!!

  3. One can always buy one box of assault terminators and one box of normals and build five TH/SS and five dual LC for some variation. And get some have weapons:)