Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming Soon From Paulson Games: Mech Auto Cannons, Missile Launchers Galore and More!

Paulson Games is at it again! The same great company that brought us Alien Bio Swords, Wolf Cav models and much more is scheduled to debut some new bits any day! First up is the Mech Auto Cannon with Ammo feed belts. While these would go great on any miniature, I think I hear some Grey Knights or even some Tau calling for these bad boys! Next up is a medium and large missile launcher

These bad boys have a look that could fit multiple lines and my first thoughts again go toward a possible Tau alternative or even a replacement for the hard to find Cyclone Missile Launcher. In any case, I can't wait to see more picks, maybe an example and a price for these bad boys.

If you weren't thinking Tau before, you might with these. I know Big P doesn't cater to 40k specifically, but hey, I think somebody could make some Gue'Vesa here! Let's hear what everyone thinks of these!

For more of Paulson's work, check out the store here.

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