Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapterhouse Studios: New Female Eldar Model, Bits and Storm Raven Extension

Old School here with a look at some of the new stuff out from Chapterhouse Studios. There are a few items to look at so let's dig in.
First up is the Scorpion Warrior Priestess (as if you didn't guess she is a striking scorpion!). The model look pretty good here and if I were an Eldar player, I would consider her for my army. After all, why let the boys have all the fun.

Next up is the chain trim shoulder pad. I think I could sculpt this myself, but for the time I would put in, I would buy it if I wanted this pad for more than one model. (for bigger pics, check their web site and scroll down)

Next up is the Dark Angels Storm Shield. I think this would be a bust for me even though I love me some Death Wing. The shield really looks kind of odd when you check out the big pics on their site. There are some imperfections there that I am willing to bet are the same across the line due to the casting process. I don't know maybe it's just this one, but there seems to be some minor sculpt issues that would just irk me over the scope of an army or squad. The good news is that they have added the extra shield parts to the back, making the conversion a little easier and the pewter a little easier to stick on.

Last but not least, is the news that the Storm Raven extension kit will be out next week. I think it takes care of the strange Storm Raven shortness well enough and promises to add a grapple for your dreads. It sounds good to me and I would like to see one in person as I think this might take the Storm Raven out to nearly the length of the Thunderhawk, though I would have to see it in person to tell. If it would work, you could make affordable T-Hawks, but I am getting ahead of myself.

For more info, prices and pics of these new parts and models, check out Chapterhouse Studios. What do you all think of these kits?


  1. Wow that extension does make it look 098420984209842 times better. I might have to pick two of those up!

  2. I like this minature. looks as if chapter house may be getting more of my money in the near future. I still need more warlocks on bikes.