Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of Days Coming Soon, Need Your Feedback!

The Dark Lords of DFG are looking to hold the 2nd Annual End of Days Tournament on the last Saturday in October, but we are looking for some feedback before we get too exited and spill out all the new mission ideas and such that we have. Below is the poster we ran last year. If you click it, you can see it very large or you can get the details from this post.

In any case, we are thinking of doing the same partner format, but with 1250 a partner for a total of 2500 a side. We did book missions last year, mostly because we forgot to write missions (lol) but this year we have our own ideas. What we are really looking for is some suggestions concerning the weekend (is Halloween going to jack things up for us) and the teams (Should we keep it the same, but bigger or are there some even crazier ideas out there). We would love to hear what you think. I will announce the tourney either way this Friday!


  1. I would do some multi tier missions or maybe use the battle mission book for easy reference.

  2. is there going to be a f.a.q. regarding the inclusion of the unit that comes from a seperate codex?

  3. would be cool. will it be at evolution again?

  4. Sounds cool. As always, would love to see some kind of painting element to the tournament.

    If it is at the end of October, I likely won't have anything going on and I'll be able to attend, will have to find a partner. Fresh Coast 40k is doing a highlight on events we attend each month and I'd love to showcase this one.

  5. Go 1500 per person. I know it would be a nightmare to be a judge for but it would lead to a truly crazy event. Might as well set the bar even higher for the second end of days right?

  6. just an idea but random partners ever round might be fun, though i know people would complain it's "fun" not "competitive". also, i like the 1500 points idea maybe allow more allies. If you want to get real crazy how about 1500pts per person and no limits by codex any slot can be filled by any unit from any codex!

  7. Seer K- tiered missions for sure. If I have to write them myself they'll be tiered.

    I'm sure there will be a FAQ as questions come in we'll save them up and when we get enough it'll be FAQ.

    Muggins- I'd push for painting, I'm always an advocate for it...not because I like to paint but because most (not all) of the lazy bastards at evo haven't touched a brush in ever. :)

    Deathbringer- 1500 is a big jump from last year, I think 1250 is reasonable team tournies take forever and that size just takes longer, especially with the increased complication of cross codex rules. From last year, I was waffling about being able to do something cool at 1000 that if only I had a few more points I could for sure make work.

    I think we'll see more than just sang priests sprinkled on otherwise normal lists now.

    Meow Meow- Random teams isn't even fun to me and most people. I like playing a team game with someone I know how to play with, not necessarily just because we matched up our armies and lists to grind people into dust.

    Not having your bonus unit take up a force org is an interesting idea. I could get behind that perhaps.

  8. I'd agree that random teams would be weird. It is great to meet everyone but we'll meet you WHEN WE BEAT YOUR FACE IN RARRRRRRRHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH