Monday, September 12, 2011

Death Wing Company Banner Bearer Complete!

Old School here, finally cutting through the homework of the course I am currently in and making some progress on my Death Wing. A couple weeks ago, I hit everyone here with a quick WIP of this guys here, so I just wanted to make sure, i fired off a quick post about the completed model (of course as soon as I look at the pics, I notice things I need to tough up or fix). Enjoy the pics:

When I made this guy I was so happy, but then the shield/ banner combo started to scare the crap out of me. I am just glad it worked out. There are three shades of flesh (three shades of most every color) in that little angel! Again, thanks to Ron for posting the sweet tutorials.

I am also busting through the apothicary (follow up post) as I attempt to get the special guys knocked out. After that, it will be assembly line, batch paint process, moving squad by squad until I am finished. Hopefully, I will have a few squads down before I return home to my Huron model, which will give me the Belial I have been waiting for.

I have decided that I like my hammers darker and with are good sheen from the P3 armor wash (the only good thing I have found in their paints). The script on the back of the flag was done in a Micron Sepia pen as was much of the re-enforced hard recess shading. Those things are super useful.

All in all, I am very happy with the model and am exited to be one step closer to a painted Death Wing again!