Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thunder Wolves in Upcoming Ogres Release?

I have seen these photos making their rounds around the Internet for the last week or so and I am surprised nobody has seen what I have seen: Thunderwolves. So Ogres are a little taller than a terminator. so the beast is huge ...
... but that isn't really a bad thing is it? Also, all it would require is not gluing the tusks on and maybe turning those hoof feet into paws, but other than that, the huge wolf, capable of carrying an enhanced person in power armour is there I believe. I am also willing to bet the release, the mount models alone will be fairly cheap on Ebay bits sites (compared to resin, 3rd company alternatives) and because it isn't an alternative company model, it gives you a tournament-legal alternative. In any case, it will be less work than turning elf cats into wolves, lol.

Anyway, maybe I am smoking crack or maybe I just found a good idea. In any case let's hear your thoughts on these models.


  1. Ogres riding things is just silly to me. The same way marines riding animals seems silly. However, for the Thunderwolf lovers these should work well.

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw them. Just change the feet to some kind of cyber enhancement add armor plates new TWovles. Only problem I can see is if they get popular as Twolf mounts the bit sellers jacking the price up to the point that it may not be economical.

  3. Typically, based on the box price, the going rate will likely be about $18 buy it now for 2 on the high end, compared to resin wolves that isn't too bad and it would be tourney legal. Also space wolf storm shields go very cheap, so there is some armor for you right there.

  4. I'm a little concerned on their size, from a competitive stand point, but other than that, it's a hell of an alternative compared to what we have access to now from a tournament-legal stand point too.

    Also, to add to the armor, or lack thereof on these models, plasticard and rod make easy armor additions with only a little work. :)

  5. Yeah, I would go the rod and card route myself. I do think the best LOS option will continue to be the "thundercat" but at least this looks like a wolf.

    My Huge Tervigon/Arachnarok conversion still suffers from the "too big to play competitive" syndrome as well.

    Most of the time I like TLOS, but sometimes it limits creativity. Maybe 6th will offer a balance, though I am not sure how it could be done without losing TLOS, which again, is something I actually like.

  6. Oh hey, I only mention the competitiveness of it to be the devil's advocate. Most of the time? I don't care :P I've never hit the top tables in a tournament, and most of the reasons I am in the top 1/4 of the tournament is because of my painting, appearance and sportsmanship scores.

    I wouldn't hesitate to use your Tervigon conversion in a tournament :) But that's the kind of player I am.

  7. I agree. I have quite a few tervies to choose from. With Nids we just need to hide from all those Damn missiles. My paint score champion army will hopefully be my deathwing since I don't have to paint a million little dudes to make it happen.
    Tor clean style on the spartans is one of my inspirations for the look on my deathwing and maybe we will get a game in next adepticon.

  8. Wow, really? Okay, now you're going to make me bring the Centurions next year, aren't you? :P And here I was thinking I'd get away with just bringing the Grey Knights this time! :)

    We arrange a game, and I'm all for bringing them! Though I'll be honest with you, A Deathwing set-up is a bloody fight against my Centurions. I've played against the list I just finished as a painting commission.. man, my target priorities are all over the board when it comes to a list like that!!!