Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Death Wing: First Model Painted, Links to My Inspirations!

Old School here with some pics of the first model in my Death Wing Redux. I wanted to start with a Cyclone Missile Launcher Terminator just to ensure I find a scheme I like for that weapon.

One of the the goals I had when I built these models was to add a little something to my models to set them aside from other Death Wing armies out there. Since I wanted to make a solid start and run at 1850 at least without drawing resources out side my bits box, I limited myself to materials on hand - hence the press mold shield icon. Looking at the model and the pics now, I think the press mold was a good idea and I really like how it turned out.

Now let's look at some more pics of this model, but first: a photo of my old death wing scheme:

Alright, though I loved my old guys, I wanted to prove to myself; 1) I can still do clean and 2) I have grown as a painter in the last 3 years. Hopefully, my new Death Wing can mark my growth over the old Death Wing models.

Here is another look at that shield and the launcher. When I set out to paint the army, I knew there were plenty of resources out there and the two Death Wing artists I really drew inspiration from were Ron and Bushido Red Panda. Ron's Painting Bone Armor tutorial got me started on the approach to the model and the look I am going for, while Bushido's choice to stay away from metallics is an obvious influence. Both used Dheneb Stone as the primary armor color and that was something I wanted from the very beginning. Greys and shades of brown and ochre represent my stone, steel and gold parts.

The colors of the base and the methods I used were taken pretty much straight from Les Bursley's Dark Angels tutorial Part 2 and I really like how it turned out and how it contrasts the Terminator while tying in some of the neutral tones.

I wanted to make sure the icons were red like my old army and the press mold shoulder pad came out better than I thought. I made further use of it on the hammer's cable, while keeping the hammer in cold greys washed down with thinned Badab Black until it reached an almost metallic shine (yeah it's a space wolf hammer, but I like it!)

Also, I wanted to bring the "green weapon" aspect over from the old army to show off the fact that these are indeed Dark Angels (talking about the missile launcher now) - though I have come to dislike Dark Angels Green as a color, so I sought out alternatives that created the same effect without that odd green. I was brought back to Les Bursley's Dark Angels Tutorial Part 1. SO I based the front of the launcher in Catachan Green and highlighted it with Goblin Green to add the kind of sharp contrast Dark Angels armies are known for with their Dark Angels Green.

As far as the purity seals and scroll work go, I am going to wait until I buy a new Micron Pen before I hit those. I will also use a Black Micron Pen and a Sepia pen to hit all the little areas I have found in these photos where the initial wash didn't set in and left little white spots. At that point, the model will be complete!

I haven't been this exited to paint something in a while and really haven't been this exited to paint an army since I first started 40k, so if nothing else, this model has gotten my groove back! The paintjob took some time, but all good paint jobs do and once I get the hang of it, I will be cranking out more Death Wing models.

Before I turn it over to you for critique, I just want to thank CVinton for telling me to take a look at my bits box before I sell anything to buy another army. I ended up finding 19 bikes, 3 speeders, 28 terminator bodies, 22 space wolf T-Hammer and S-shield arms, 20 regular Space Marine ones and 20 sets of lightning claws. Yes! My bits box is a little out of control! Also, thanks again to Ron, Bushido and Les Bursley, who set the path and without their work, I would still be trying to get the look I want.

Also, I think the camera has lost a little of the highlighting effects (white namely and the red variations), while making some look a little bolder. I think it is finally time for me to make a light box. Anyway ...

Let me know what you think!


  1. They look very nice! I like how the bone color of the armor came out.

  2. Great looking death wing. A great improvement over your original model :-) The missile launcher does look a bit big but an excellent use of your bitz.

  3. Excellent work - I like the colors you've gone with, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Nice sir. I can't wait for a rematch, these guys are an excellent test of my webway lists meddle.

  5. About the only think I don't like is the green CML (I like the old green), but your bone armour is so much nicer now than previous.

  6. Thanks for the compliments and feedback everyone.

    @SeerK, we may just get to do that tonight.

    @Tristan, I know DA green is preferred by some and I almost went that way, its just that DA Green has bugged me lately as it is just such a unnatural looking color. It's just one of those matter of taste things that my brain has wired itself against. I am going to try the same color pattern on a dread to see how it feels. I might hate the catachan treatment on a larger piece.

  7. Looks decent but I have a few complaints. Sorry this isn't a random trolling I don't follow your site and im not going to just yet.

    If you were going for a clean army as u said in previous posts, why is the shading and highlighting so choppy? Looks far too chunky and honestly on the back of the hammer it looks like you missed a spot due to what appears to be pooled wash. I generally like your models old school, but this one doesn't appear to be up to what I've seen your standard be.


  8. I did miss a spot, lol! Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Can't see it on here, what are the cmls made of? About to start my own deathwing up and will have 6 launchers from the land speeders.

    Bit these look a bit like male pin connectors from pc connections? It's given me an idea :p

  10. They are Imperial Guard sentinel Missile Launchers. Also, Land Speeder storm missile pods work well too.

  11. Good stuff. The pose is very dynamic and custom shield gives this guy a very unique look.