Monday, August 15, 2011

OST's Deathwing Amendment

After seeing his deathwing in person, I realized how little justice his pictures did them.  Something about his camera makes his models look pretty shitty, and you guys are pretty nice to not just say "lolz lrn2paint by numbers n00b."

So here's a handful of pictures as an amendment to his original post.


  1. VERY glad you posted these. While I didn't think the last pictures were bad, these show off the level of painting devoted to them much better.

    Well done, and I can't wait to get in a game against them at Adepticon 2012!

  2. This wasn't totally necessary, but I appreciate it. My crappy camera and I have won plenty of spots on top tens, x's, honor rolls and what have you, so I'm not self concious about it.
    I think a lot of folks in the blogosphere are in the same boat too, but I might start using my work camera to take photos of my stuff. It's a Canon 7D. That should fix it.

  3. Maybe it's just me, but the original pics are a lot better. The colors are flat and washed out in these new pics.

  4. I agree 1st posts look better

  5. These pictures do make a difference(at least to me). Being use to the good quality paint job normally seen from old school, i was a bit baffled on his DW(they didn't look shit, they just look below his normal standard). Al tho now i see how up to the good standards they really are.