Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Choosing the right model for Belial, Help Me Choose!

Old School here and as I build my Death Wing to completion, I look upon Belial and what model to convert to represent him on the table. There are several great ones to choose from, so let's take a look:
Alright, so above is Stern and below is Draigo. Both are available in Finecast, so scraping symbols, adding greenstuff molds (like my other DW models so far) and changing his weapon layout will all be pretty easy. I really like Stern's pose and the sweep of his cape, He has realistic motion and give the right hammer and shield set, would end up fairly Dynamic.

Draigo, on the other hand has that funny stance, but I don't know how much room for posing there is with his model. He does have a great shaped shield for me to play with and all I would have to switch out for the hammer will be his sword hand. His funny stance is really the only thing that bothers me, though there is something that bothers me about both models: Grey Knights look VERY different from real terminators. The hood area kind of throws off the whole model. With that being said, I am going to mess around with some plastic GK terminators tonight to see what I like and what I don't. Depending on how that goes, these guys may or may not be an option after this evening.

Next up is Finecast Calgar. Easily the most ridiculously priced of the group, I could recoup the money by selling the honor guard on Ebay. In finecast, calgar is an easy fix for removing symbols. I would have to add new arms, so DW shoulder pads ext. I would also switch out the head (I would in any of these models truthfully). I think Calgar is really nice, despite being trained from a young age to hate him.

Next up is the classic Belial: Lysander. Still not in Finecast, Belial will take some work to get up to speed, but he has a perfect base for my shield and his hammer was practically made for me to sculpt a Lion's head over. The only thing that really holds me back from working with him is the metal (I HATE METAL MOUNTED ON CORK BASES) and the fact that every other Belail on the Web is made from him. Other than that, he is pretty much top dog.

Last, but certainly not least is Luft Huron. I know, some of you were looking for Culn, but I don't like him for Belial. What I do like is the pimp shoulder pad! The other side is a winged crux terminatus. His armor really bears no actual Astral claws symbols, so he is easy to clean up and if I give him the Raven Guard Forge World Special Character's head, switched out his arms (I have to cut under the pads for that), I think I could be in business. The major problem here is that I don't want to wait for it to come in. Especially since I have owned this model once and sold it. Talk about frustration.

Anyway, those are the options I have laid before my self. What do you guys think? If you could make Ultimate Belail, who would you base him on?


  1. One other potential option to consider: Tyberos the Red Wake (from Forge World).

  2. I used Stern -

    Fantastic model and worked perfectly for my LC's onto it - I had a GK theme so I didn't need to get any of the =I= bits off though.

    Only problem with Stern is he is smaller than current terminators and it does stand out - I tried raising him on the base and it worked to an extent.

    Lysander is a bit bland I feel, but does work.

    Huron could be nice with some working I think.

    One of the better conversions I've seen is using Marn Calgar with chaos LC's - looked pretty good.

    I was going to use Draigo to make a new Belial I have to say - maybe two versions as I don't like Belial with TH/SS.

    My Belial:

    One of my "chapter confused" deathwing:

  3. My vote is for draigo. I have worked with the model in metal and it seemed fairly posable. I personally like his pose to start with and finecast would make it fairly easy to re pose. If I had to pick another I would say the fw model if I had time to wait. That lion shoulder is awesome for the master of the deathwing. Maybe a combo of the two utilizing that lion shoulder pad on a draigo base model?

  4. If I was doing belial I would use a mixture of Stern and Driago as both are nice model's but between them you could swap and change the bit's you don't like and come up with something you do like.

    But to be honest it sound's like you have already decided what you want to do and get. So go for it man because what ever you do it will be amazing.

  5. I'd say Luft Huron. I like the pose better and the armor is pimp. GKs looks too off for a Dark Angel.

  6. I went with the classical terminator captain.. But i think all does others are nicer tho!

  7. I was plannin on the old Terminator Captian too. I plan on converting him with a TH and SS.


  8. I went a different way myself when I made my first one and then my second one which is still sitting in WIP as I've been distracted with another system for a while.

    I went Kitbashing and based it off the Chaos Terminator Lord body...

    Have a look at them here http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/12/29/belial-completed-and-deathwing-started/ and here http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2011/02/17/master-of-the-deathwing-belial-the-second-wip/

  9. Kit Bash:


  10. Not on list....Space Hulk hammer/shield guy. He would be a easy convert, trouble is getting him bought.

  11. Personally, I'd avoid the GK minis, they are too blatantly not wearing normal termie armour, no matter what changes you make, they'll still loook like GK.

    Lysander is a good model, and Luft Huron looks wicked, and would make a great Belail..

    If I were making one, I'd be tempted by Luft Huron (or maybe the Red Scorp guy you arent keen on) or most likely, I'd kitbash/sculpt. theres so many good termie kits out there now, and add ons from 3rd party companies, I'd go for PH/ornate armour and make one...

  12. I really like that conversion using the black templar bits. I'd go for that

  13. Thank you a hundred times over everyone. I had no idea that when I posted this, I would recieve this much feedback. The links and the ideas tossed around have been helpful and are much appreciated.
    I am still going to mess around with the plastic termies this evening, but I share the same concerns as some of you, which is that GK armor is just too different. Different isn't bad, so I am going to try a mock up or two this evening to see how I feel about it and to familiarize myself with GK armor.
    No matter which route I go, I plan to use the Nemesis Daemon hammer from the GK terminators because I like the long shaft (thats what she said) and it gives me a large hammer to work my Green Stuff magic on. I plan to have his hammer be ornate and crafted so that the head is a lion's head.
    With the exception of the Huron model (because he has nice pads already), the conversion will also include a hooded reaper on one shoulder pad and I plan for his Greaves to have some GS work as well.
    The idea of ornamental wings has been tossed around as I like how it looks on some of the conversions I have seen, so I will likely mock it up and see how I like it once I get the final model under way.
    So, those are the plans right now, just to give you all some ideas. I also plan to make hom magnetized so that I can switch out between claws and hammer as I get used to my army's performance at various point costs.

  14. Luft Huron should be the only choice really dude. He has epic lion shoulders and the resin is easy to chaop up and mod.

    Plus I think you would have the only Luft Huron belial out there, at least of quality

  15. Dammit, you cut deep SeerK. You know me too well.

  16. There's always the HiTech figs too; they have some pretty sweet models to start from.

  17. I just made my order ... Belial cometh!

  18. You ordered Huron, didn't you? :) As I read all the responses, and then your own saying that you owned Huron once already... I wanted to think of another fig, but couldn't. Huron is the one to go with!

  19. And so he is. Huron is the one. That model is beautiful in person and after handling the grey knights today, they were not it. Niether was lysander, though my old Belial was lysander. I want to use a tourney legal model, so alternatives were out. I like converting plastic figs, but I prefer w superb model to start with and Huron has what I like.
    I am going full pimpage on this model. Sculpted lion hammer, fully winged, sculpted reaper angel shield and more. It's gonna be sick.