Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gamers of the Maryland/ Virginia Area, DFG Cometh!

Old School here to say that I will be coming out to the Quantico Virginia area for the next couple months and I would like to get some games in and maybe do some painting with some folks out that way. Our own Wolfson plays at the re-opened Bunker in Maryland and I know that the Gamevault is about 30 minutes south of Quantico, but I really want to get out and meet some folks, so if you know of a store around that area, let me know the name, drop a link and let me know what nights they normally play. I plan to go on tour!
I plan to bring possibly all three of my armies, though special attention will be paid to my Death Wing as they are likely to take me into the next round of Ard Boyz, but I also am fine throwing down with my Nids or Chaos or even a borrowed army. I am really just looking to get out and have some fun and meet some folks.

I will be blogging the whole time I will be out there as well, so keep an eye out for regular posts from the Coast! Hopefully, we get some great games in!


  1. Hey Old School...

    You should see if you can catch up with Bill from the Dead Tau Project and Gamers Lounge... I'm sur he could get you into Malifaux as well as 40K heh

  2. Looking forward to seeing you up here =)

  3. Game Vault in Fredericksburg is probably my most favorite store ever.

    The IFL plays just a bit to the North of where you are, at Hobby Town Woodbridge (Tuesdays, Saturdays). Farther to the Northwest is my group, CGL, which plays at Game Parlor Chantilly (Tuesdays, Saturdays). Even _farther_ Northwest is the Ordo Nova (the Gamer's Lounge folks) who play at Huzzah Hobbies (not sure when they do GW games). It's a bit of a hike to get to those last two from Quantico: folks not from the area underestimate traffic and distance.

    If you're out here long enough, I'd definitely love to get a game in: we're actually having a friendly little 40K tournament early September at Game Parlor. After that, I won't be crunching for the NoVA Open and will be free to game.

  4. Welcome to the area!

    Here are some forum links:

    Also the Game Vault will be hosting round 2 of the Ard Boyz Tournament.

  5. Perfect. Thanks for the links and thanks to everyone for the guidance.
    I am going to find out from GW today if I can attend round 2 outside of my region. I should though since I qualified. I just need confirmation.

  6. Here's a link to a list I put together when I was trying to find places to play: list

    My favorites are Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie (near my work) and Eagle and Empire (near my home), but the GW Bunker in Bowie is good too. Good luck!

  7. Thanks John, you are a huge help. Maybe we will get to roll some dice!

  8. You're on. I saw that you were at games and more tonight, give me some warning next time and I'll meet you there.