Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old School here with another possible tervigon model. This disturbing thing is pretty impressive. Let's look at how she measures up:

This model comes from a company called Puppetswar (the same company who brought us plague bears, Gentleman Plague daemons and Ork Sombraro heads). The model's dimensions give it a healthy amount of size at Around 110 mm height and 95 mm long. She looks pretty nasty with a little bit of the Starship troopers Brainbug look going on in the face. I like how the carapace is done to a tyranid aesthetic with the little cluster mine bumps and everything.

All in all, I find this to be a pretty good Tervigon stand in. There are few better and many that are much worse. If this model interests you, check out their other minis, they have some freaky and some fun stuff out there. I get a few good laughs every time I stop in. Let us know what you think of this "brainbug on stilts"!


  1. i like this model a lot, i have seen it before. and i think that i will get this one to make my 3:ed tervigon. im going to build my last one now in some weeks.

    thx for the nice filler post man :D

  2. What's the deal witht the super-secret text? It's not like those are spoilers...